Create: Moms Helping Moms Foundation Photo Shoot


I’ve been on vacation these past few days, just chillin’, watching some movies, getting some reading in, spending time with my kids.

Wanted to pop on here and get a post out about a shoot I recently did with Lauren Vena, the celeb make-up artist.

You remember Lauren….I blogged about her pretty recently. That shoot went over so well, she asked me to shoot her again for another project she’s working on.

Not only is she an amazing make-up artist and author, she’s also one to give back to her community. In this case, she’s collaborating with the Moms Helping Moms Foundation, a non-profit organization in Warren, New Jersey, for National Diaper Need Awareness Week in late September.

Anyway, Lauren wanted some photos done for her social feeds to help highlight what she’s collecting and what she’ll need.

Sounded pretty simple but I wanted to make sure she had some great photos to use.

She had told me she was going to bring some products over, which was great. My concept, though, was to build a stack of products around her, but making sure we got her Moms Helping Moms t-shirt in the shot, too.

A few months ago, I bought this coral/pink seamless from Savage Universal and thought it could work well in this shoot.

Lauren came over to my apartment…now known as JSP Studios…and we got to work setting up the set. My goal was to “build” a set around her, and have her be the centerpiece. So, that’s what we set out to do.

I kept the gear pretty simple, since I don’t have a lot of of room The Canon 5DMark4 of course, was the primary constituent.  The Neewer Vision 4 was the key light in a shoot-through umbrella. It’s cordless, so had the transmitter on my Canon.  Think I had it on Manual, powered at 1/32.

I pretty much love all Savage and Neewer gear. The seamless stands and paper were Savage, the light stand was a high-quality, affordable C-stand from Neewer.


I really wanted the bubble-gum pink to pop and I do like this one, though maybe over exposed some.

I do have to say… was pretty funny watching Lauren get into that tight space for a few photos. I had the table, chair set up but we were really constantly jiggling the set up, making sure it all worked, so that everything could be seen. She did great getting herself into that tight spot with the table and chair…and not knocking anything over!

This was a fun shoot in a super-small space but I think I was able to deliver on what Lauren wanted.

If you’d are to contribute to her drive, you can find out more about Moms Helping Moms needs here and more info here as as well.

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