JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 09.11.22


Summer ended for me last Monday night at 11:59 p.m.

I know summer doesn’t really end for a couple of more weeks.

But, as I’ve said before, once Labor Day is done, then summer is done for me.

Fall starts.

My daughter started her sophomore year in high school on Tuesday (caught the bus to early or me to get out to her mom’ house to see her off – not even sure if she wanted dear ol’ Dad there anyway).

Wednesday, my guys went back. I did drive out to see those meatball off. Got a photo snapped.

Probably be the last one where I’m still taller – by just a smidge – than Chase.

And, as they all start a new, fresh session, I’m feeling fresh as well.

This stretch into Fall feels like a better, fresher start than even January 1.

It translated quickly.

I wrote two pieces that appeared on line this week, edited a ton of photos, got some good work done for my job, interviewed a portrait subject I have coming up, coached a few baseball practices, photographed my daughter’s first home football game marching band performance, and then two baseball games yesterday.

I also got some good workouts and reading in this week, as well as research for other projects. I also purchased some gear – sort of – that may help with a shoot later this week.

But a week doesn’t make a success back-half of the year make.

Let’s see if I can keep it up.


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched This Week: Gave the new Pinocchio a try. Meh. Only watched about 30 minutes.

What I’m Reading This Week: Still working on The Lords of Discipline (back 1/3 of the book now. Conroy is very verbose but in a good way) and The Church of Baseball, about the making of the movie Bull Durham,  which is really good so far.

Ear Candy: I asked my boys what their favorite songs now were. Matt shrugged his shoulder. Chase said Sunrise by The Vansaders. Give it a listen.

9/11: Now, 22 year later. Never Forget.

Behind The Shot TV: What’s The Best Photo Advice You’ve Gotten?

Essay: Paris Review on Against August

Seth Godin: A Reallocation of Respect

Fuji: Anyone need a 40 MP camera?

NY Times: Wendy MacNaughton on How To Have Fun Again

RIP: Martha Madigan, Philadelphia-based photo artist

“Get used to finishing.” And “Just f’ing start.” ~ Chase Jarvis, from this podcast, Are You Overthinking It?

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One thought on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 09.11.22

  1. The hint of fall being the start of school, cool nights, or the start high school football signifies a big change is coming. We get out of the doldrums of the hot, humid summer. We are energized by the new opportunities..

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