JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 09.17.22

This has been…a WEEK.

I need to know what you’re working on.

Any projects?

What is keeping you interested?

What’s keeping you inspired?

Anything really getting you motivated?

Sound off in the comments.

I always love good inspo, as the kids say.


This Week’s Links

What I’m Reading: Still on The Church of Baseball and The Lords of Discipline. Both so good.

What I’m Watching This Week: The Best Chef In The World

Listen: Deep Natter: Jeffery and Sean discuss a sober level of self confidence. (They also discuss changes to DN, which, while I understand from their point of view, I don’t like)

The Guardian: Interview with Don McCullin

Relationship: A Richard Avedon retrospective in Milan

RIP: Surrealist Fashion Photographer, Melvin Solkolsky

RIP: Pioneering Fashion Photographer Roxanne Lowit

There is no failure, only learning ~ Dr. Grant Scott, UN of Photography

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One thought on “JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 09.17.22

  1. Last week was good as I got back to shooting the high school band after a long break due to work. Got at least one great portrait. Not so good was somehow getting a nasty poison ivy rash (I think from my cats). It’s itchy but getting better. I have a couple of crunch weeks at work coming up then a break to visit a daughter and granddaughter (More photo ops.) Things are good.

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