In The Field: Strike Up The Band

A new era has started…that of high school band dad photographer!

My daughter, Olivia, is part of the Allentown (NJ) High School Band. She started taking up trumpet a few years ago, and gained traction during the pandemic. I even did some photos back then, in our playroom.


Liv put it down for awhile. But then picked it back up. And now she’s part of the high school band. Which is soooo cool!

So, I’ve taken up a new era: Band Dad Photographer!


Super new thing for me. Not sure really how to shoot this, but I guess I’ll figure out it as I go along

Which is pretty much my freelance career!

Figure it out!

Game Two later tonight.

Still trying to figure out lanes and sigh lines…but that’s what a new endeavor is!

Let’s get after it.

Friday Night Lights.

(But I still need field access…stay tuned!)

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6 thoughts on “In The Field: Strike Up The Band

  1. It is great to see the kids, especially your own, stepping out and succeeding in an endeavor like band. I’ll send some info on how I have been able to photograph the band. It appears that either the field is quite well lit or the sun was lighting the field.

    One tip is to get to know the other kids and parents. That network can keep you informed and in the information loop.

    • Thanks, David! Well that information loop…it’s all on email and text now. All of us “band parents” get all the info from the band director at the beginning of every week…and even during the week! 🙂

    • That’s amazing! My daughter will be playing at MetLife in November but that’s for Nationals, not pre-game. (Sorry for my delay in responding to your comment, Khurt!)

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