JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 10.08.22

There’s a tree outside my window that I can see every morning when I wake up.

Over the past couple of weeks, it’s been changing colors, slowly but surely.

I wake up, look out the window and see that’s it a little more colorful than it was the day before.

But the more colorful it gets…the more it’s dying.

Autumn is weird like that.

All the trees look wonderful, with their leaves changing, but it’s because they are dying a little each day.

I muse on this every year – how this dying looks amazing (smells good too when you’re in the forest) but it’s a prelude to a good four months or so of bareness and lots of negative space in the world.

Enjoy it – and all things – while they last, I guess.


This Week’s Links

What I Watched This Week: Playoff baseball (I tried to watch Blonde but it was just too depressing, couldn’t finish it)

What I Read This Week: I finished off Wild At Heart (Didn’t realize it was a series, may have to check out other ones) and continued on with City Dark.

Watch: The Legacy of Bill Eppridge

Boston Museum Of Fine Arts: LIFE and The Power of Photography

Apollo Magazine: The Art and Life of Sabine Weiss

Joe McNally Blog: Visual Pacing of Making A Book

RIP: Photojournalist Sonia Handelman

RIP: Loretta Lynn


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