New Work: Giselle’s Headshots


A few weeks ago, a gal reached out to me on Facebook. She lives in my town, and saw a post I put out on our town page about new headshots.

So, after she reached out, I sent her my portfolio, which she liked, and then we followed up with a phone call. I wanted to find out exactly what she was looking for.

Interestingly, she in the logistics arena – working on getting products from Point A to Point B, often working with the shipping industry.

She also said “I’m not the typical person in logistics, so I need headshots that will reflect this.”

Kinda rock ‘n roller in a very tame industry. Indeed, her red hair popped and she had Doc Marten’s on the with her outfit. Back tattoo not pictured!

She wanted shots that would reflect who she is, so that she could show younger people in the industry that’s it’s not staid and stuffy. Very cool, I though. Sounded great to me!

We agreed to do the shoot out of the Asbury Park Vibes studio in Asbury Park, that I use for studio work. But she was also hoping to do some shoots on the AP boardwalk, with the ocean in the background, reflecting her connection to the shipping industry.

So….I reached out to a some contacts I had in town, and was able to get access to the rooftop of The Asbury Hotel to help get some height for this shoot.

This was about the only shot that checked that box for Giselle, at least from this vantage point. While it was cool up there, there wasn’t much opportunity to get the ocean in the background due to buildings in the way. (Also they were building the stages for the Sea Hear Now Festival, so that also put a crimp in the plans – some sightlines weren’t great.

But…on a beautiful sun-splashed day, it was cool up on the roof – there are often small concerts held up there – so since I had access to the space, I tried to work it. Let’s get as much as we can out of it!

(The Asbury is in the spot where there used to be theater called The Baronet – that’s where the sign comes from. Back before AP was still looking like bombed-out Beirut, I captured that theater, too)

Circa early 2000s

Anyway, the rooftop gave us a few other cool spots to work with. Interesting architecture, colorful chairs, astroturf floor. Now that I think about it, I should have utilized that aspect more! Would have been fun.


After exiting the roof, we went down to the boardwalk and to another couple of locations to get some other interesting shots.


Giselle really wanted environmental headshots, but I still wanted to grab a few back in the studio, on seamless. So, back we went to do a bit of that – because you never know when you need a headshot with a clean background!

As you’ll see below, my go-to kit included a Canon 5DMIV, 24-70mm, 70-200mm and my Fuji X100T, which I’m still using after all these years. That little baby is still a fav.

I did pop some flash in the outdoor shots. In the APV studio, I kept it really simple – Neewer Vision 4 strobe and a Neewer beauty dish, both on a Neewer C-stand. This was the first time I used the beauty dish and I really like it.

Giselle really liked the images I delivered, and I was happy to hear she’s already using them on her social media and in programs at conferences she speaks at.

Also, it was really great to work with the stellar NJ make-up artist Lauren Vena again, who not only did all of Giselle’s before we got started make up, but she also went with us on the locations to touch up and help out with hair (She also grabbed some fun BTS shots of me at work! I got a few of her at work, too!)

Lauren Vena At Work

(c)Lauren Vena. My main light here was a Neewer Beauty Dish with a diffuser. I really like the look!

(c)Lauren Vena

(c) Lauren Vena

And, yes, we all had to end the shoot with a shot with Flo!


© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2022

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