In The Field: See, Carter

young boy blue eyes

Carter, 2009


Did you know that today, October 13, is World Sight Day? When I was reading about how to keep our eyes healthy, I was reminded of this youngster, Carter.

It was 2009, and I was on an annual report photoshoot with photographer David Bowman and  art director Stephen Doyle  of Doyle Partners, in a suburb of Chicago.

The shoot focused (no World Sight Day pun intended!) on a young 12 year old girl, and contact lenses for kids that she wore. We photographed her at her optometrist getting her eyes checked, in her room putting her contacts in and just her doing her pre-teen stuff. Entire to detail

At one point, Carter, her then 7 year old brother, tagged along as David photographed Carter’s sister at her dance class.

I remember grabbing this shot outside the dance studio. He was getting restless so I was trying to keep him occupied. His eyes were just so blue, I couldn’t not shoot a tight portrait.

I was shooting my first DSLR at time, a Canon 20D. I remember I had this “fill the frame” shot on some of my early business cards.

I kept in touch with the family for awhile after, but then lost touch. Wonder where he is now…

Here’s my post from back then.

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