JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 10.15.22

OK, first things first.

After many, many years – to be honest, I’m not quite sure how many – I’ve changed the banner of this blog.

A logo designer from Colorado follows me on Instagram. On a whim, this week, I reached out to see how much it would cost for him (I think it’s a him), to design a new logo for me.

He gave me two prices, $35 and $65. With the $65 package, he designs the logo in a variety of sizes and specs for different needs – business cards, websites, social media – and in a variety of file formats, with unlimited reviews and fixes.

I found that to be attractive to me, so I asked him to create on. I like it. It’s simple and elegant.

Time to order new business cards now!


This Week’s Links:

What I’m Reading This Week: Still working on City Dark, but started All Hallow’s Eve by Charles Williams while flipping through a couple of photo books form the library: Jump by Philippe Halsman and Many Are Called by Walker Evans. Oh, also reading A Freewheelin’ Time – A Memoir of Greenwich Village in the Sixties by Suze Rotolo.

What I Watched This Week: Playoff Baseball. Phillies beat the Braves and move on. And 38 In The Garden. And Shantaram.

Watch: Sean Tuck on What I Learned About Color Photography from Alex Webb

Listen: Deep Natter: What Do You Want To Say?

Jeffery Saddoris: Are You a Department Story or a Boutique?

Michael Zaggaris: The Unseen NFL

SF Chronicle: In pictures, Oakland in the 1970s

UN of Photography: When will photographers accept the smartphone?

Watch: Patagonia: Chasqui of the 21st Century


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