New JSP Tearsheets

Donna Conroy, CEO of SciMar. Photo by me.


It’s always great to see the work you’ve shot get out there into the world, and to see how your clients use them.

Here’s a couple new tear sheets I can put in my back pocket now.

Back in August, I photographed Donna Conroy, the CEO of a NJ-based scientific company called SciMar. Please don’t ask me what they do…I’m not exactly sure!

Anyway She, and her husband, Mike, who is the CFO of the company, needed new headshots and branding images for their websites. I never blogged about it because I always wait until the clients gets their files and then I see them “go live” someplace.

We did the headshots in the Asbury Park Vibes studios what I use when I can do these types of shoots.

BTS courtesy of make-up artist Lauren Vena

Everything was shot against my gray seamless backdrop from Savage Universal. I was also using, for the first time, a beauty dish from Neewer – which I now love!


The image used in the ad above

Lauren Vena at work

While still at the studio, and in both “looks, I took Donna outside for environmental portraits.

After that, we then went up to the Asbury Park boardwalk as she and Mike want some of that “Jersey Shore” flair.


BTS courtesy of make-up artist Lauren Vena

Donna is using the image above on her LinkedIn profile, which is pretty cool.

It was a great shoot with the Conroy’s, and I’m happy to see the images appearing in ads for their speaking engagements, on their social handles and on their website.


Speaking of Lauren Vena, who was fantastic doing make up for Donna on the shoot above (and taking the shine off of Mike – it was warm on the boardwalk!)…..thanks to her, she’s my second tear sheet of the month – in a fashion magazine no less!

Lauren Vena in Bella Magazine. Photo by me.

Lauren writes a monthly column for Bella, and used one of the portraits I did of her when we did her book shoot back in July.

This feels “Old Hollywood” to me.

This was simple, no muss-no fuss portrait. I liked window light, I liked the gray wall, Lauren looks great, and the 5DMIV did all the heavy lifting. She loves this portrait because of how natural it all looks. I was thrilled she picked to use it with her column!

In B&W, with a smile.

Hope you like all these photos. More to come….


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