Happy Thanksgiving 2022

fork and wishbone

I think I’ve posted this image for Thanksgiving every year since I shot it in 2008

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving here in America.

Even this holiday has a turbulent past, but that’s a story for another day.

Today is a day about being thankful for what we have in our lives.

Yes, it can be hard to see the light of thankfulness. Times continue to be turbulent and deadly.

But there is still much in our lives – big things or small things – that we can be thankful and grateful for.

On a walk the other day, I was thinking of all the people, of outside of my parents, that have influenced my life: Friends, maybe long past, and others still here, teachers, baseball coaches, one particular basketball coach, photographers I’ve worked with, art directors that helped give me vision, co-workers, the women in my life that, even though it didn’t work out till death do us part, we still parted on good terms. Maybe not ever relationship is forever, but hopefully one gets something from it.

Think about who has influenced your life today – whether your sitting down at Thanksgiving feast, walking the canyons of big city, or enjoying solitude for an hour or so in the woods – and be thankful, and grateful.

In today’s Daily Stoic newsletter, Ryan Holiday writes about Epictetus, and how E talks about how every situation has two handles. You can chose hate, or love. You can chose anger, or appreciation, fear or fellowship. You can grab the handle of resentment, or gratitude.

Choose gratitude, folks.

And I’m VERY thankful for all you that stop by, read this blog, and leave comments. I’ve been doing this blog for more than

Enjoy the day, whatever you do!


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