JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.26.22

Finishing up a long holiday weekend here in United States.

It was a good week. The cold set in again, but it felt good. Kinda wakes you up doubly in the morning. I’m already missing all the brilliant colors that were my visual landscape all Fall, but that’s why I like the change of seasons.

Even winter can be a time, not just to death and hibernation, but a time to rest, recharge, invigorate.

If you’re in doldrums, perhaps read a totally different genre of book (you DO read, right?).

Watch different movies, perhaps something that will visually stimulate you. Or make you think.

Maybe try a different medium.

Write a short story. Think through the characters.

Paint. Watercolors, charcoal, oils.

Crafts. Take up knitting.

Music. Pick up that instrument you’ve already wanted. You can probably even rent it before you fully commit.

Cook. Try a new dish (like I am tonight. As I write this, I have a pot of Golumpki (in Polish) or Holubky (in Slovak) in my oven right now. Never made them before, even though I’ve eaten them my whole life. (Why make them now? My mom told me the trick to getting the cabbage leaves off the head – don’t boil the head, freeze it. They unwrap easy once it thaws. Totally works!)

So, as we huddle in our abodes over this coming winter, perhaps try something new.

And let me know what that will be!


This Week’s Links: 

What I’m Reading: Still working on Another Side of Eden by James Lee Burke. Also, started Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. Still not sure about this one.

What I Watched This Week: A Christmas Story Christmas

What I Haven’t Watched: The Fake Scorsese Film

Strung Out: A Scruffy Guitar Shop Survives The Chelsea Hotel Makeover.

Behind The Shot TV: Photo, Video & Audio gifts for those on your list

Pay Me: How Much To Charge As A Photographer

And If You Don’t Get Paid: How To Curse Your Enemies

RIP: Wet-Plate photographer Peter Eleveld

All dogs are therapy dogs… Most are just freelancing. ~ Paul Bishop


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