In The Field: Promised Land at The Landis Theater

Kenny Off The Riser During Promised Land at The Landis

Playing a gig the weekend after Thanksgiving, when everyone is still in a food coma, or shopping, is a challenge.
Playing a gig at a venue – albeit a gorgeous one like the Landis Theater in Vineland, New Jersey – that has a 3- mile parade (to honor the 150 Anniversary of the Vineland, NJ Fire Department) rolling along outside it right up to an hour before the opening band goes on – thereby blocking off the main street, re-routing traffic – and add to that – get this – having your one bass player not be there so you enlist your keyboard player to play bass…only to have his car catch on fire on the way to the gig…well, you really have to show some moxie to get through the show.

When you have a parade to honor the fire department, you need a float of Dalmatians, of course!

But this is what Promised Land, and the added-to-the-bill-late classic rock cover band, Midnight Rockshow, was up against. What can you do? Such is the music life.

The Landis Website used one of my PL photos on its homepage

Not going to lie. The crowd was sparse. Well, it was sparse for such a big theater, with everyone spread out. For a regular type of venue that PL often plays, even for The Stone Pony, the crowd was solid. But yeah, the bands really had to amp up their own energy. The good thing, was, though, that the crowd that WAS there, wanted to be there and loved the music from Promised Land and Midnight Rockshow.
Before the show, I tried to get some BTS shots backstage and in the green room. Always love the backstage stuff.

Find the photographer in the photo

Got in a couple of new band photos, too.


Kenny and Mike checking out the stage after soundcheck

Finally, it was show time. Midnight Rockshow finished a short, but really tight 35 minute set and it was time for PL to hit the stage. And hit it they did.
 Despite all those obstacles – parades and Dalmatians and fire men and block roads and cars on fire…Kenny Munson and the band still brought their usual brand of hard rockin’ Springsteen energy to this show. From start to finish, PL brought all the rocked it.

The Arthurkill Horns were stuck in back most of the show. Glad they came out front near the end.

And, on this particular night, Jungleland just hit hard. Alex “The One and Only” Mahoney on sax, was sweet and soulful and beautiful. One of the best non-E Street versions I’ve heard. (Check out that Stedi-Cam work, too! LOL)
man playing sax

Alex “The One and Only” Mahoney

Alex’s wife, Toni, on keyboards

PL rocked, as usual, and though the crowd on this Saturday after Thanksgiving, and with firefighters raising glasses in the bar next door, the energy was in the house.

After packing up the gear and before we all hit the opera of the highway, I had to grab one one team shot, to remember this night at The Landis.

Promised Land At The Landis

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