In The Field: Tice-Like

black and white image of a white water tank in Northeast Pennsylvania

Water Tank, Luzerne, Pennsylvania


When I worked in the J&J corporate offices back in the early 2000s, I had a little corner spot. It wasn’t a cube. It was kinda like a cube but more of a workspace the built in the corner of this one floor. 

It was on the 8th floor and because I was at the end of the hallway, I had the hallway-end window to my right. I could look out over New Brunswick…but also got warm in the summer when the sun was beating in.

To my left was the office of one of communications colleagues. I was only about 10 years into my communications career, this guy had more experience, and he was good with offering up help and suggestions. Plus, when his door was open, I learned a lot overhearing his phone conversations with reporters and whatnot.

Anyway, J&J had a pretty extensive art and photography collection. If you had an office, you could go and pick out what you wanted to hang on your walls. (By the time I got an office a year or so later, I just decided to hang my own photos.) 

In his office, he had this gorgeous large print of an oil tanker, one with the staircase winding down the side of it. 

It was an urban landscape in B&W gelatin goodness. Beautifully lit, beautiful black & white.

Unfortunately, I never found out who the photographer was. And I can’t seem to find it online, despite my advanced Google skills.

But, shoot the image above, while on a walk in Luzerne, Pennsylvania, after Thanksgiving dinner, made me think of it. And then I thought of this book, one of my favorites.

photography book called George Tice Urban Landscapes

George Tice is a New Jersey native, and this book profiles his urban landscapes in and around New Jersey – from Asbury Park to Jersey City, from Rahway to Phillipsburg. 

Flipping through this book made me want to get out and shoot some urban landscapes. I love the stark look of the photos, though, unfortunately, they do illustrate a downtrodden NJ of the ’70s and ’80s. Kind of like still images from the 1980 Burt Lancaster/ Susan Sarandon film, Atlantic City.

I have done some of urban landscapes in the past, but perhaps I can prowl around Trenton and Hamilton – to towns near me – to see what I can see. Putting that on the Winter To-Do creative list.


Speaking of landscapes….here’s a more traditional landscape. Seen somewhere in Lehigh County, on the drive back to New Jersey from Northeast Pennsylvania, the day after Thanksgiving.

Somewhere in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

Watch: In Conversation with George Tice

Watch: George Tice and Andrew Wyeth: Parallel Visions

Which type of landscape to you like better: Urban or Rural?


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