JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 12.3.22

Here on the first weekend of December, as there was a thin sheet of ice on the pond when I walked Bo and Quinn this morning, I’m not trying to start out on a morbid not.

Memento Mori.

Remember You Must Die.

It’s a call to action. It’s “Have you done what you came here to do?”

Like the coach in Vision Quest says.

2023 is almost up.

Did you do what you wanted to do?

Did you read that book? 

Start that art project?

Make that photo book you wanted to make?

Make prints?

I can’t say I did everything I wanted to do this year. 

But, I still have time. 

We still have time.

But keep moving towards it.

Because…Memento Mori.


Oh, I had two cool shoots this week. More to come soon!


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: I finished Another Side of Eden by James Lee Burke. Took a weird, sci-fi/paranormal twist at the end. Also, I’m ejecting from Never Let Me Go. It’s a slog. I don’t enjoy it.

What I Watched This Week: Really late to the game, but started Peaky Blinders. To be honest, watching more for the style, the look and the vibe. I can’t sit and just watch it, so only vaguely know what the storyline is.

National Geographic: Best Pictures of 2022

New Yorker: Ernest Cole’s photos of a defiant Apartheid

Smash & Grab: San Francisco Leica store robbed of $178K worth of gear.

Don’t Call It A Comeback: People obsessing over a 2009 iPhone 3

Amazing watch/listen:  “A new one here, about Bernie’s girlfriend.”

Achieved: Eric Meola granted Professional Photographers Of America Award (video)

RIP:  Christine McVie

RIP: Sesame Street’s Bob McGrath (I never knew his last name.)


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