KodachromeThey give us those nice bright colorsGive us the greens of summersMakes you think all the world’s a sunny day, oh yeahI got a Nikon cameraI love to take a photographSo mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away

~ Kodachrome, Paul Simon

This was pretty cool. On Thanksgiving morning, before Mom started cooking she put me to work 😉.
Go up into our attic and hand down boxes, clear some stuff out.
While up there, in a box, I found a slim box with my uncle’s name on it. Inside, were about 30 Kodachrome slides from the day my mom and dad got married in May 1964. 
Mom doesn’t think these were from the “hired” photographers (a husband and wife team, incidentally), so she’s not sure who shot them.
I have a Lightbox app on my Kindle to view slides, but it wasn’t really working to well with these.
Holding up to the window was better. It was so cool to see my mom and dad in Kodachrome color on that breezy day in ’64.
The pill box hats. The cars. The colors. I half expected to see Don Draper strolling on the sidewalk, smoking a Lucky Strike, wondering how he ended up in Summit Hill, PA.
This one is my favorite though. It’s taken inside the house my mom grew up in. My aunt, her sister, still lives there. Has lived there her whole life. I was just there a few weeks ago. Hasn’t changed to much.
But I love this one. It’s underexposed. I had to photograph the slide, the pull it into Photoshop to brighten it. Some of the details are lost in the photo of the slide, though. Like being able to see the clock on the back wall. There are just layers to this one…my aunt (my dad’s sister) in the foreground, my mom, in her wedding dress middle and then the back wall. The soft colors. The my aunt in movement, though it seems slot and slow. Maybe she was walking into the frame? Either way, I just love this one. Reminds me of a frame Gordon Parks would shoot
Just an amazing attic find.
And yes, I’ll be making prints…these slides are a treasure.

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