Project: Personal Portraits

Mom, Thanksgiving Day, 2022


I take portraits of so many other people, I can’t forget to shoot portraits of those closest to me, like Mom.
Pre-Thanksgiving dinner, light was really nice in the kitchen where I grew up.
Light was a little harsh maybe but nice…so I had to do a portrait of Mom in the place of our house where I always think of her.
I grew up in a rancher-style house. One floor, three bedrooms, one bathroom. 
Hard to imagine how many meals Mom has made in this small kitchen over the past 50+ years.
Some things have changed, but the Formica on the counter is still circa 1960s.
I took a pic of that Formica and had it as the lock screen on my phone for a long time.
A little touch of home in the digital age.
As for this photos, the light was really good, Mom looked great. Had to do a portrait.
Don’t forget to photograph those special people in your life, especially if you’re a working photographer. Don’t just pull the camera out for paid work.
Take photos of those you love. We all won’t be here forever. Let them live on. 
And, yes, I’ll make a print of this one. 

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2022

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