JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 12.10.22

Is it that you’re shining?
Is it your endgame talk?
You’re like a suntan in November
Or December in New York

~ December In New York, Thea Gilmore

Busy week here for me.

I read a lot. I watched a lot (see below). I met a new tailor. I shot corporate headshots. Had some other ups and downs.

And then, last night, I got an email from Amazon saying “Last minute gifts are here!”

Last minute? It’s not even mid-month yet! I haven’t even had a holiday party yet (two this week, though).

I still have a good 12 days or so before it becomes last minute!

I did listen to an interesting Cautionary Tales podcast about the “dead weight of giving Christmas presents” which makes one think: Are presents really worth it?

However, I’m at the time of my life where it’s all about my kids.

They have their lists and they know what they want. 

Unfortunately, they are at ages now (15, 12, 11) where most gifts they’d like are electronics and electronics aren’t cheap. (Or fashion that they are getting into – Chase wants a pair of Air Jordans that aren’t cheap. This is a kid, where, just a few year ago, he could have cared less what was on his feet. But…7th grade…almost a teenager…girls…a guy’s gotta have style. I get it.

This is still my favorite time of year. I was walking around New Hope, PA, last evening, and it was quite festive. A chill in the a  air, streets were busy, shops were lit up. Definitely one of my favorite times of year.

Also, cool, too, is that I’ve starting a new personal project, which is seasonal though. Just hit me like a bolt earlier in the week. I’m been posting some over on my IG, but I’ll write more about how it all came to be, here, in another week or so.

What have you guys been working on? Creating daily or weekly? 

Or just putting in the time in this life, ’cause it ain’t easy and we all know it. 


This Week’s Links:

What I’m Reading This Week: Whew. It’s a carousel of books: Still working on Margaret Bourke White’s Portrait of Myself. White Out, procedural crime fiction from Dana King; Shadow of The Condor by James Grady; and two library pick-ups this week: The Nineties by Chuck Klosterman and Field of Play, a photobook from Michael Zargaras who covered the NFL for 60 years.

What I Watched This Week: Again, another carousel: Bullet Train, which was fun. Where The Crawdads Sing (book was better); A couple of episodes of Wednesday on Netflix; A few episodes of Three Pines on Amazon Prime; A few episodes of Tulsa, on Paramount +. Oh, and Casablanca, for the umteenth time.

The Guardian: The Evocative Style of Fan Ho

In Color: Andy Adams talking about Searching for Saul Leiter

Austin Kleon (and other): The Bookends Approach to Reading

Viva…Viva Magenta: Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2023

Jeffrey Saddoris (read/listen): A Jump Jet and a Job Well-Done

Listen: A good Deep Natter podcast (via Saddoris and Sean Tuck) on A Purer Definition of Art

Design It: Visual Design Trends for 2023

Pink Flamingo: Via Colossal magazine…aerial photos of the annual flamingo migration

Capsulized: The famed Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo

From the JSP Archive: A short video I did 10 years ago now. Wow. 

“There’s no way out but through.” ~ Robert Frost


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