In The Field: 6th Avenue Heartbreak

Spent a few hours in New York with two of my three kids yesterday (my youngest is battling a bad cold).

We went to the Titanic Exhibition on 6th Ave. Pretty cool!

NYC is often stressful for me. It’s a hassle to get in (we drove, rather than taking the train in). It’s expensive.

And when I have others with me, I just can’t enjoy it as much.

I prefer NYC alone. With my eyes. My thoughts. My camera.

But, I had my Fuji XT3 with me. And the late-ish day winter light was amazing along 6th Ave in Lower Manhattan.

I was shooting from the hip. Literally.

Camera low. Trying to find the light. Not looking through the viewfinder. Just snapping.

I don’t love these. But I’m sharing them.

The first one I like.

There’s a lot of “spraying and praying.”

And unanswered prayers.

I didn’t do the light justice.

Show the work.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2022

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2 thoughts on “In The Field: 6th Avenue Heartbreak

  1. I enjoyed these Mark, they are very evocative and show the character of the place. Maybe the second one could be cropped to take out the person in the coat, but maybe not. Thanks for showing and you’re right, show the work.

    • Interesting you mention that one. I actually did crop it a bit, and, ultimately, decided to keep that passing person in there. Thinking about some of the Joel Meyerowitz street work where he kept people in the frame. I agree…could go either way.

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