Dispatches: JSP On The Photowalk Podcast Episode 364

Hi all…

As we had into the weekend, wanted to pop something up here that you may want to listen to in the coming days.

I’ve often linked to Neale James’ The Photowalk Podcast. His is a longer-form podcast, usually about an hour long. I often listen while on my morning walks.

The last couple of episodes had a few things that caught my eye…er…ear.

So, I dropped Neale a rather long email to talk about some of the recent subjects, namely, a personal project that featured my daughter, Olivia; the the 365 Photo A Day project I one did and the poet Philip Larkin.

Neale often reads listener emails while doing his walking podcast. Last evening, he dropped me a note saying he’d be featuring my on the next episode, Number 364.

Not only did he read, and comment on my long email, he’s featuring a few of the images I included in my email to him. Have to admit, I didn’t expect him to run these photos, I may have selected others.

Anyway, I appreciate being able to provide Neale with some fodder for this podcast, and truly appreciate his linking to my various digital platforms.

Click here to view his Episode 364 post and to listen. He starts to read my letter about 13 minutes in.

(Funny story…my 11 year old son, Matt, was feeling well at school, so I went and picked him up. On the drive back to my apartment, I started playing the podcast via my truck’s stereo. He was watching something on his iPad until Neal said my name, and looked up and smile. He said “Wait, what?” Then he played it back and kept commenting on various parts of it.)

I’d like your comments as well, either on my segment or on this podcast as a whole.

Enjoy the weekend! It’ll be a long one for me as I have Monday off to recognize MLK Day here in the United States.

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