Homage To Jay

An Homage to Jay Maisel


On my walk this morning, the light was hitting differently.

January light. Only comes once a year.

As I trudged across an open football field, my boots wet with dew, the latest Shifter podcast in my ears, I came upon a storage bin.

One of those big…ah…not sure what they are really called.

But it’s painted a red/orange and I had the sun behind me.

Some athletic bars were nearby, casting a shadow on me.

I loved the light and the color and the shadows.

Snapped a pic with my phone.

Continued on my walk.

When I got home, I realized to day as Jay Maisel’s birthday.

That time I was at Jay’s door…around 2000

The master of shadow and light and color.

This doesn’t match up to his, of course.

But the influence. It’s there.

In case you don’t know who Jay Maisel is….click here.

Or watch here.

Light. Color. Shadow.

What else is there?

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2023

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