JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.04.23

February brings the rain
Breaks the winter’s icy chain
That’s the song I learned so long ago

~ February Brings The Rain, Julie London

What path are you following?

The path…be it in life or in creativity?

I listened to a Chase Jarvis podcast this week…I think…and it talked about following your own path.

Because, what if you tried to follow someone else’s….and it was wrong? At least for your?

We can look at other people and try to emulate, but really, we have to go our own way (as the song says)

It’s really only us. Our thing.

Our time.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: I finished Robert James Waller’s Border Music (4 stars); I started Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis; Still working through A Sheperd’s Life here and there.

What I Watched This Week: The Picture Taker: The Vibrant Life of Ernest Withers

Also Watch (60 min): Amy Touchette, Street Photographer

Say Cheese: Jay Maisel, The Photographer portraits

Tethered: Marc Mann is on set with Eli and The Jeetz

New Yorker: The Hidden Mothers of Family Portraits

RIP: Joyce Dopkeen, barrier-breaking photojournalist

Meet: Robert W. Kelley, LIFE photographer

Start something every day. ~ Todd Henry

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