Dispatches: A Little Seaside Bar


February 8, 1974

A little seaside bar opens.

Who knew the history it would unfold to?

Zack Sander and his sax at The Stone Pony

I first went to The Stone Pony around 2000 or 2001 with my ex-wife.

She worked with a guy who had a bar band. That band was opening for Leslie West of Mountain one cold Friday night.

Asbury Park was a wreck then. Like bombed out Beirut.

The Stone Pony, somehow was open. An oasis on a cold winter night.

As soon as I walked in, I could feel the musical history.

The Pony used to have ticket stubs under the glass-topped tables.

Stubs from The Doors…the Ramones…Bon Jovi…Lenny Kravitz…Bruce, of course.

Crazy the number of big name acts that played the Pony at one time or another.

Promised Land Band at The Stone Pony

Every time I get a photo pass for TSP, and walk in, I’m amazed. And humbled.

The Stone Pony Summer Stage


I’ve never shot Bruce inside. Only outside. But I love the fact that I can go to this joint whenever I want. I’ve always said….if the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame didn’t end up in Cleveland, it should have been in Asbury Park.


Bobby Mahoney & The Seventh Son + Kyle Brendle


The town is that historic. The venue is that historic.

Happy birthday, Pony. Continue on.


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