JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.25.23

This week, I’m thinking about getting stricter with myself about certain things.

My work life.

My personal life.

My workouts.

My creativity and production.

I’ve been doing these pages in my journal where I take a sheet of paper, divide it into four equal squares and give myself three or four things to focus on in each of those four areas. Things to be done/taken of during the week.

When I pay attention it through the week, I’m more focused in all areas. And I feel better about myself and things around me.

On the weeks I slack consulting this, or even doing it, I feel scattered and unproductive.

So, I need to do this more.

There’s all kinds of productivity hacks out there.

This is mine.

Heading into a new month. Let’s get it started.


This Week’s Links:

What I’m Reading This Week: Still working on The Immigrants, which I’m really liking. But also moving along with Pete Souza’s photobook, The West Wing and Beyond; the photobook In The Time of Panthers by Jeffrey Henson Scales and The Seven Story Mountain by Thomas Merton (interestingly, I’ve quoted Merton twice on this blog, but I can’t remember where I got these quotes from!) The are all physical books; no e-books going right now.

What I Listened To: The Atlas Obscura’s podcast about Merton’s hermitage. Which is why I picked up the book at the library the very same day I listened to this.

What I Watched This Week: The Season 3 finale of All Creatures Great & Small. And, Licorice Pizza. Visually looked good, but a very meandering story.

Behind The Shot TV: Speaking of Pete Souza, Steve Brazill speaks with him in this latest episode. It’s mentioned how Pete was recently at Danny Clinch’s gallery in Asbury Park to do a Q&A. I wanted to go, but when I went to order tickets, it ended up being $85 (insert sad emoji here). You DID get his book, but it wasn’t clear at the time.

Cautionary Tales: The Hero Who Rode His Segue Off A Cliff

Gratitude: What To Be Grateful For: Health. Good People. Freedom.

99 Problems: Jay-Z and Rick Rubin recording 99 Problems. Special guest: Mike D from the Beastie Boys

Favorite Photo of The Week: Embiid with the block!

This week in JSP IG: I posted a Flashback Friday about shooting Wyclef Jean at The Stone Pony

RIP: Richard Belzer

“Create before you consume.” ~ Chase Jarvis

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