JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 03.11.23

What a weird, wide-ranging week for me.

I had some fantastic personal experiences that were tempered with somber time as we buried my aunt this week.

I ate meat and potatoes in a small coal town sports bar…and in 24 hours, was having sushi with the CEO of a major healthcare company.

It was sunny, it snowed, it rained.

I was tired and lazy. I was energized and productive.

I made some photos I like for myself.

I made some photos I like shooting for someone else.

I had insomnia early in the week, and spent most of the night listening to sports talk radio and podcast.

Later, I slept hard and sound.

A crazy week.

That’s life, I guess.

Make the most of it.

This Week’s Links:

What I Am Reading This Week: I finished The Immigrants, which I really liked.  Also finished The Seven Story Mountain. Also reading the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, which I’ve always really liked.

What I Watched This Week: I started in on Season 2 of Perry Mason, on HBO+. I didn’t see Season 1. I’m trying to get into Poker Face, too.

What I Listened To This Week: I love the Scotland Yard Confidential podcast. The actor, John Hopkins, does the narration and he’s fantastic.

Deep Nattering: Jeffery Saddoris and Sean Tuck are taking a break from each other. Not a break up…just a break. But for good reason. Watch/listen at the link.

Photography Life: Notes on AI, ChatGPT and the Photography  World

Stamped: Why email needs a stamp

Red Carpet BTS: How the Vanity Fair Hollywood cover was shot by Steve Klein

Why Typography Matters: Typography At The Oscars...and it’s biggest snafu.

Wandering (17 minute watch): Mali Davies on making original landscape photographs

Let’s Get Personal: Dave Pigeon on why more personal – and not technical – photoblogs are needed.

Dear Diary: Really enjoying the newsletters I’m getting from Diaries Of Note

“If I know how you spend your time, then I know what become of you.” ~ Goethe


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