Read: Pete Souza’s The West Wing And Beyond

Think I’m going to try to start something new. I always mention what I’m reading in my Visual Week In Reviews.

Going to try to deeper dive  – if slightly, with these posts.

Let’s go.


I can’t quite remember when I became aware of Pete Souza.

Must have been during Obama’s first term, I guess.

He’s been doing photojournalism and documentary work for so, so long now.

I picked this one up at my local library last month. It was on the Just In shelves.

And, while Pete was Barack’s official photographer…44 doesn’t appear in this book at all.

Which is cool.

Because Pete, in addition to documenting Barack…was documenting being part of the White House.

The whole scene

The apples.

The helicopter rides.

Bo, the dog.

He knew he was documenting history. Just to have his position is historic.

White House photographers are documentarians. Marion Carpenter. Sharon Farmer. Yoichi Okamoto.

They are all on the inside, telling the stories with their cameras.

It’s a wonderful photo book.

Go look for it in your local library.

Peruse it.

Enjoy Pete’s work.

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