In The Field: The Prom at The Axelrod Theater

The cast of The Prom musical all on stage at the end of the performance, holding hands above their heads

It had been a while, but I got back to the Axelrod to shoot a new musical, a performance of The Prom.

I wasn’t too familiar with this musical, though a friend told me it was a wonderful movie.

From my perspective behind the lens, it as a visual treat.

Actors Vicki Lewis and John Scherer in The Prom

Vicki Lewis and John Scherer as the leads in The Prom

The cast was lead by Broadway (and TV) professionals, Vicki Lewis (as Dee Dee Allen) and John Scherer (as Barry Glickman). Both were tremendously effective in their roles. Personally, I love their body language and facial expressions to help impart more of their characters.

Vicki Lewis was equally good. I enjoyed her character as a self-indulgent Broadway star who slinks her way through the show. She reminded me of a comedic Norma Desmond from the film noir, Sunset Boulevard.


Actress Vicki Lewis In the Prom wearing a sparkling evening gown speaking in a TV reporters microphone


African American actor Richard Waite and actress Vicki Lewis sitting on a desk talking

A young actress, Lillian Bell Doll, played Emma Nolan in this coming-of-age story set in a small, Midwest town. And she was great in this role.

Actress Lillian Belle Doll onstage in The Prom, in her lime colored green bedroom, playing a guitar and singing.


As with all the other Axelrod productions I’ve shot, the lighting, sound and choreography were all stellar. This time, though, it was a bit different for me: I couldn’t shoot the last dress rehearsal because the lead was sick on that day. So, I had to do this shoot, on a Thursday night, while there was an audience. So, a lot of Canon 70-200mm zoom lens work, without getting too too close to the stage, or in the way of the audience. Quite unlike with other shoots I’ve done there, where I’ve had the run of the theater.

But, it worked out pretty well, I thought. And it seemed like the cast and crew like the photos as well, judging how much they’ve shared them online. Click here for a slideshow if you’d like to see more. Let me know what you think!

And here’s a few more, a bit more stylized, but which I thought came out cool in B&W.

It’s been a looooong time (uh, 1988) since I’ve gone to a prom – though I did look sharp in a flattop haircut, gray tux and pink bowtie and cummberbund, if I do say so myself!  So, it was nice to go to this one, too!

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