Traveling Light

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He travels the fastest who travels alone.
~ Rudyard Kipling.

Monday morning, my head picked up off the pillow in The Great State of New Jersey.

After a few twists and turns, hit Route 29 and headed to work.

Day hummed along. Then the phone call came.

570 area code.

That night, my head hit the pillow in the house where I spent my first 18 years.

Prior, stopped by home, had dinner, tossed some stuff in the bag, kissed everyone on the head.

Put’er in drive.

Life’s like that.

Travel light, travel fast.

Be where you need to be.

More to come…

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JSP Visual Week In Review | 03.07.15


The page turned, and we’re closer to Spring. Theoretically, at least.

Got socked with two winter storms this week – one on Tuesday, one on Thursday. Thursday was the worse of the two. Had to shovel my long driveway three times. Despite that, still seems like a good idea that I didn’t get a snowblower this year. The expense, to me, outweighs the usage. I don’t mind getting out there and throwin’ snow.

Three times, though, is a little much. But that’s rare.

That said, after some shoveling and work-from-home stuff, I pulled 2/3rds of the kids around the block on my old sled. My parents bought it for $15.95 (price is still markered on it) probably in ’78 or ’79. I see they are selling for $75 now on eBay. The sheen of ice under the snowpack made for a fun ride, though. Worked good as it did when I was eight.

That said…ready for Spring. Heading into the 50s this week. I’m thinking Thursday was Winter’s Last Stand. All down hill from here.


This Week’s Links

* What I Read This Week: A Death

* What I Watched This Week.

* This.

* Hidden Depths.

* Fantastic portrait of The Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon by Drew Gurian.

* More issues for World Press Photos.

* Nice post about Philly photog Jason Varney. I hired him a few years ago, and hope to do so again. Really nice guy and good shooter.

* Ten films that inspired Mad Men.

* Peeps-flavored milk. Huh? What?

* From my mate Andrew Nette: The World of Suzie Wong

* Another good read: Why We Love Secret Spies.

* No more elephants.

* “Fiction is meant to illuminate, to explode, to refresh.” —John Cheever

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Friday Noir: The Other Side Of Midnight

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Stefan_The Other Side of Midnight2

It’s the deep part of the night.

These bitter, mean streets are strung with tripwires.

Peddlers and pushers, gangsters and grifters.

And dames dealt to kill.

This place has got it all.

It’ll take you up one road, and down one dark alley.

A baby cries.

Some one dies.

A day’s pay out on the other side of midnight.


I was very excited to read recently that Bard Constantine is hard at work on a new Troubleshooter book, The Most Dangerous Dame. Mick Trubble, back in action!

And I was happy to see this brilliant artwork create from our friend in Paris, Stefan Prohaczka. What doesn’t he do that isn’t brilliant? Find more of his work here.

If you need to get caught up on Bard’s Troubleshooter series, head on over to his website.

Just don’t go there on the other side of midnight…

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Composing and Decomposing

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Turkey Vulture_032015_0882

Here in New Jersey, March came in like a lion.

A big, fat snowflaked, downshifting into a pinging icy mess lion.

The big fat flakes started coming down around 10 a.m. a swirling confusion of wind and air and water.

Liv had a play date, and since I had to run out to get ingredients for chicken soup, we jumped in the truck and hit the backroads of Allentown and Cream Ridge.

Passing one of the many horse farms in this area on way to Liv’s little friend’s house, I saw two turkey buzzards enjoying some frosty roadkill. Something clicked in my mind’s eye and I thought it would make an interesting, wintry shot.

A few minutes later, after making the drop, I rolled back up to the scene, armed with only my trusty Canon S110.

One of the C. a. septentrionalis’ had made it’s exit, leaving just the friend to much on the once-lovely deer.

A my truck approached, the bird took flight, it’s wide wingspan evident in close quarters. We often see these birds up in the thermal drafts, floating, floating. Here, the jump from the ground to the fence was more like a screech. I kind of wanted a natural portrait with her over the kill, but then the way she perched on the fence gave me a good composition. A good silhouette, too, of that hook-like beak.

By this time, the flakes turned to pings as the sleet had started. This stayed with me for the rest of the errand run. But even on that quick run, I gathered in a couple of more interesting shots.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_taxi_020215_0908

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_graveyard2_032015_0897

Liv had fun at her friend’s, I made some photos and the soup came out good, too.

Not a bad Sunday in New Jersey.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2015


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