JSP Visual Week In Review 05 | 02 | 15

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May Day! May Day!

Ok, I’m a day late for May Day. But we did make it to Month #5 of this year 2015 A.D.

Here in the Great State of New Jersey, the grass has greened up nicely, the buds on the trees have broken through and the pollen count is through the roof. My sinuses tell me so.

As I sat down to do this post, I thought I really didn’t shoot much this week. But…I did. It was just with a new tool, not my regular cameras (Canon 50D, Canon S110). Last week, my job pried my trusty Blackberry out of my hands. Said they are supporting it anymore for work. I had to “upgrade” to a real smartphone. I don’t like the Evil Apple Empire so I chose a base model Android device – the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (had to stay within a certain budget range.) All week I’ve been trying to figure this little guy out. And, of course, take pictures with it. (Post coming up on that soon). So, most of the photos up top here were shot with that, and processed with SnapSeed.

Anyway,Happy May. Back up that April work!


* Happy Birthday Philipe Halsman (May 2, 1906 – June 25, 1979)

* Because of that new smartphone, I’m now on Instragram.

* It’s Troubleshooter Month! I’ll be partnering with Bard to give away prints to help support the new book.

* Good advice on journalism. And in general.

* History of The Jersey Shore Music – good read by Wallace Stroby.

* David Letterman reflects on 33 years of late-night television. (Love the cups shot by Damon Winter)

* When Photography Campaigns For Change.

* “It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another to make a portrait of who they are.” ~ Philipe Halsman

PS: This post went out early for some reason. Hope you’re seeing the full post! Sorry about that.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

Friday Noir: Kiss Kiss Phnom Penh

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Ghost Money Noir2_JSP_ 032015_2485

“The two men entered through a winding dirt path lined on either side by gutters grey with rainwater and effluent. The slum stank of smoke, sweat, excrement and the anxiety of poor people packed together. A group of men playing cards on the ground glanced up then back. Faces peered out of doorways and children jumped out to shout ‘hello’.”


That scene is 153 pages into Andrew Nette’s novel titled Ghost Money. He’s over 100 pages in the story and still setting scenes like that. Remarkable.

Full transparency…I’ve been reading Andrew’s blog for a couple of years now. He and his writing has turned me on to numerous books and films that, sadly, I’ve missed in my short but long life. We also both seem to share an affinity for the pulp novels and the gritty crime and caper films of the ’70s.

Then, last October, in the City of Brotherly Love, I had the chance to meet Andrew at NoirCon there, and do a super-quick photoshoot with him. I showed my work here, and I think I delivered some good shots that he liked.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Andrew Nette_Mark Krajnak_JerseyStyle Photography_102014_8100

Ghost Money takes place in Cambodia, circa 1996. It’s a tight, well-written crime fiction vehicle. After reading it, I wanted to learn more about the Khmer Rouge, and watch Mel Gibson in The Killings Fields again.

Andrew has certainly done his homework and his research. He knows the people and the locales (He did live in Southeast Asia for six years). The novel comes alive with his descriptions, but you have to pay attention to the characters and scenes. Plus, the ending was a bit of a surprise to me

I really enjoyed Ghost Money, and glad to have met Andrew. As a thank you to him, I wanted to celebrate the book, Jersey Noir style.

Four stars. Seek it out, and add it to your summer reading list.

Remember…tough guys do read.

* Title of this post is a play on this movie. Not sure why, just is.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

JPS Visual Week IN Review ~ 04 | 25 | 15

(c)JSP Visual Week In Review_042515

OK, getting back on track here. I missed doing a visual week in review last week due to a jammed up schedule. As I mentioned the other day, I was up late shooting a charity hockey tournament last Friday, and up later editing photos to get them ready for the Saturday banquet. More on that when I get a chance as it was a fun time.

This week has been a busy one on the work front to. We’re barreling towards milestones with big project I’m working on, and I’ve been immersed in the dev site links.

And, I ain’t getting any younger. Making it to another April 25 is testament to that.

Thanks Mom & Dad!


* It as Talent Show Night last night. Olivia’s performance. Pretty fun.

* Born today.

* And another.

* James Nachtwey – The Improviser

* Brilliant project: Foot soldiers.

* Loomis Dean’s The Utah Desert.

* The photographer who saved Yosemite.

* Remaking Point Break? That’s a sin of epic proportions.

* RIP Betty Willis

* Dinner tonight.

* “Be yourself. I much prefer seeing something, even it is clumsy, that doesn’t look like somebody else’s work.” ~ William Klein

Happy National Book Day

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Reading List_WBD_042315

Since there’s a day for everything, it seems today is World Book Day.

Hey, they have days for less important things than books and reading.

But as someone who does like to read, I can get behind this day. More so, though, because of that magic box I carry around, I’ve found my work featured on the cover of, or in, a few books now.

While A Dirty World – a book to go along with an online game – started all this a few years ago, my novel approach (see what I did there) really took off when I hooked up with Bard Constantine for his The Troubleshooter series.

From there, it’s been a pretty nice run, working with very cool editors and writers. Here are the novels or short story collections I’m proud to be part of:

(c)JerseyStyle Photogrpahy_dirtyworld2


(c)Bard Constantine_RedEyedKiller

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Spartan_042315

(c)Joe Clifford_trouble-in-the-heartland

(c)Zelmer Press_Face_April 2015

(c)Double Life Press_Dark Corners Vol 1 Issue_042315

And here’s a first look at Bard’s NEXT book in the Troubleshooter series, of which I helped supply some graphics for the cover. The Man In The Fedora Is Back.

(c)Bard Constantine_the-most-dangerous-damesmall_April 2015

Much thanks to the likes of Savage Press, Double Life Press, Zelmer Pulp, Joe Clifford, Chuck Regan, Brian Panowich, and of course Bard for giving me all of these cool opportunities.

More in the hopper too. Maybe by next year, I can add a few more notches on my novel belt.

Now go read a book.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015


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