Tearsheet: A Really Big Book

Them That Live By Their Guns

This past weekend, I stopped by the Pulp AdventureCon, held right near me in Bordentown, NJ, for two reasons:

  1. To meet Matt Moring, the gent from Altus Press who originally contacted me about using my photo on the cover..
  2. Pick up my copy of Them That Live By Their Guns frrm him.

Mission Accomplished.

Them That Live By Their Guns is a massive (649 pages) collection of the crime fiction stories of Carroll John Daly. Frankly, I didn’t expect it to be so thick. But the cover looks great, and I wait to dig into it.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_book thickness2_111215_DSCF8414

The Pulp AdventureCon was a rather interesting event. I didn’t get over there till the afternoon, so I think it was winding down a bit. Still, the ballroom at the Ramada Inn was packed with vintage magazines, paperbacks, videos…you name it, it was probably there. I could have dropped a fortune on paperbacks if I was so inclined, but got out unscathed

After so many emails, it was great to meet Matt in person. Younger than I expected but certainly knows his stuff. Even asked me to sign his copy!

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Matt Mooring_DSCF8300

Yep, it all looked great. Even down to the credit. Seeing your name in print never gets old.
(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Copyright_111015_DSCF8415

Them That Lives By Their Guns is on sale now at Amazon.

It would make a great stocking stuffer! (though, at it’s size and weight, it may pull the stocking off the mantel.)

(c) Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

Back To Batsto

Hammonton Blueberries

It was time. The weather was still warm but we had flipped to November. It was a time for me and the kids to take a Sunday roadtrip.

It was time for Batsto.

I think we made a visit last year. And the year before that. Though the last time I really remember was just before Hurricane Sandy it.

I remember when Liv and I came down, and it was hot as blazes. And I remember the visit, as I said, just before Sandy. We’re good for at least one visit a year.

Now, with three kids in tow, a new camera, and a beautiful Sunday to kill…it was time to go again.

First up, after a ways down Route 206, a stop for nourishment. This time, White Dotte Diner and Dairy Bar.

Circa 1952. Not much has changed. Even prices are pretty reasonable, still.

White Dotte Diner

We continued on, sun in your faces. “Are we there yet?” was what I kept hearing.

“Almost!” is what I kept replying. It was taking longer than I had remembered.

Finally we hit the Pine Barrens, and I knew we were close.

The historic village was busy. A warm Sunday in early November, of course. Mucho photoshoots going on. ‘Togs walking around with big DSLR’s and bigger lenses. Me with my little Fuji X100T. They snubbed me. I smirked.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Grounds_DSCF8352

That said, me and the X100T..we wuz still dancing. Still learning each other, but getting there. I do love the way it feels in my hand. I just don’t always know what I’m getting yet.

It’s me, not you.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Batsto girl_110915_DSCF8381

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Brain Fruit_110915_DSCF8382

Maybe my favorite shot of day… Simple. Like the lines.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Window light_110815_DSCF8385

This one comes pretty close though…hey, sometimes the photographer get’s shot.

This time, by 8 year old Olivia Krajnak. Not to shabby, save for the mug in the frame.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Me_110815_DSCF8321

All in all, a great day.

Me and the X100T…we’re committed.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

JSP Visual Week In Review 11 | 07 | 15

Visual Week In Review 11 07 15

It’s Fall in New Jersey.

Color flamed a couple of weeks ago, now starting to dull abit. Temps are staying too high, though. Almost hit 80 this week! Yikes. I miss summer, but don’t want it to be 80 when it should be 60.

Halloween was a blast last weekend. Kids had blast, before and after. We had about 15 kids over the house, they went around the neighborhood, then pizza, then on to Allentown central. The little town does a great job with Halloween. Probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Week rolled along. A little drama with one of my dogs, Bella. She’s 11, fainted (collapsed?) this week. Turns out, the old gal had an enlarged heart, some edema, and a valve that’s clogging. Medication should help, but still. She’s been with us since she’s been a pup. Got us ready for kids. Old lady better give us a few more years, that’s all I’m sayin’….

Still a little quiet behind the camera, still trying to “see” new things. Last couple of days have been better. Need to put myself in more interesting situations. Only way to break free, right?

What’s up in your neck of the woods? Drop a note, a link in the comments, and let me know.


This Week’s Links:

* What I finished reading this week.

* What I watched this week, part 1.

* What I watched this week, part 2.

* What I watched this week, part 3.

* Don McCullin At War.

* The Noir Template.

* Jump, jump…

* Springsteen’s most anxious album.

* Speaking of Springsteen…missing piano.

* Shut your competition, then open your own. Amazon bookstore.

* What makes a good photo – Ray Ketcham.

* RIP Al Molinaro.

* “The only thing they have to prove to other photographers is that they have a good pair of eyes.” ~ Don McCullin (link above)

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

Pulp AdventureCon in Bordentown, NJ

Pulp Adventurcon2

I know, I know…two posts in one day. But this is important!

If you’re in or around the New Jersey area tomorrow, Saturday, November 7, stop into the Pulp AdventureCon in Bordentown, NJ.

Althus Press will be there selling copies of Them That Live By Their Guns, which features my noir-ish photo for the cover.

I’ll be there too, for a couple of hours in the afternoon, signing copies of the book.

So c’mon down to Bordentown! Check out all the other vendors and pick up a copy, or two, of our book.

Hey, the holidays are coming!

More info here.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015


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