JSP Week In Review ~ 2.11.17


Contact Sheet, February 9, 2017

Wild, crazy week, at least from a weather perspective. On Wednesday, during lunch, I ran 5 miles. In shorts. It was 65 degrees.

On Thursday, kids had off because of ice and snow. While we didn’t get the snowfall they were predicting, by the time I got out to shovel the drive way after dinner…it was in the teens, blowing and all iced over.

I think I would have loved to have been a meteorologist. Seems like every day would have been different.


* Photographer Birthdays This Week: Martha Holmes Waxman, Pamela Springsteen, Lynn Goldsmith, Peter Hurley.

* What I read this week: Flash fiction by S. A. Solomon (whom I once shot.)

* Orson Wells on Casablanca

* I’m the Real Dealwhat are you?

“If you happen to be on a good story, stay with it. There is no substitute for the raw time you can spend with a subject. Only good can come from it.” ~ David Burnett

© Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2017


Snow (Geese) Patrol


I’m no nature photographer. Patience – like, a lot of it – is a big part of nature/wildlife photography. And I don’t always have that.

I like street photography more. First, there’s people. People lend drama to a scene to me. Their movements, expressions, actions.

Then there’s the stick-and-jab (or in this case, shoot-and-move) aspect to street photography. You see a scene developing, get ready, take the shot, and move on in the stream of people.

Yes, sure, sometimes I’ve hung around a particular spot which great shadows or a bounce of light  – or even an iconic, yet little used, element of the city…


To see who would enter my frame. But that’s rare. It’s more shoot and move.

This year, my ‘hood in New Jersey has seen what to  me seems like a large influx of snow geese. Not sure if they really are here in greater numbers, or if I’m just noticing the more. But they’ve been hovering and circling and and honking landing in great numbers around here.

You can’t just sit there with you camera on the truck seat besides you and not try to capture a shot. So, early this week, I saw these flocks of snow geese both on my drive to work in the morning and also on the way home in late afternoon. I’ve seen them at other times, too, and tried to capture the event, but never quite got it.

I don’t know that I have. I like the shot that leads off this post because of the evening colors in the sky which lends a bit more to it. This shot, from the morning drive, also is a bit interesting.


I grabbed both of these with my FujiX100T and finished using Nik filters to give the colors some pop. I could probably get a better/more interesting shot if I had more patience. Or worked the scene a bit more, like I do during other shoots.

But a truly good shot of this interesting event is staying elusive for me. Perhaps I’ll give it another go before winter ends and the snow geese migrate away.

Probably not today, though. Snow – actual snow and not geese – is falling hard here and we’re supposed to get 8 to 12 inches of the white stuff today. It’s just getting started, in full force now.

Even though yesterday, it was 65 degrees and I wore shorts on a five mile run. And, no, I did not listen to any Snow Patrol.

© Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2017



JSP Week In Review ~ 1.04.17


I used to say I hibernate from Thanksgiving until oh, about the first week in April, that’s how much I dislike winter.

But, the last few winters have been better for me. Still getting out and doing things helps. Last weekend, we took the kids to the Poconos to go tubing with friends of ours. We had passes for three hours – about the right amount of time for me to be outside in winter. Granted, it was pretty pleasant for most of the time  (got cold at the end) but it was still a leap from a  few years ago for me to even consider it.

Winter trail running is enjoyable to me too. The trees often knock down any wind there may be and the I enjoy the peace and quiet.

It does go back to the experience though. You read about this more now – people prefer to pay for an experience rather than a thing. This is easier for me since I’m not much of a car guy / tech guy / need really expensive stuff guy. And I am trying to “declutter” more now. If I buy something new, I try to give something I already have a way.

So these experiences we do as a family, or I do with my kids or even alone, are what I strive for now. I try to get out in to our big blue marble and see what the heck is going on out there. I enjoy that more than the latest iPhone or new pair of shoes (but not a new camera.)

Therefore, it was a good week of experiences to put into the memory banks. What was your favorite experience this week?


Photographer birthdays this week: David Hobby (Strobist guy), Matt Mahurin, Frank Stefanko.

What I Watched This Week: The Player. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this. I still don’t get why this is labeled a comedy. Dark one, maybe.

What I’m Reading: The Private Eye (hard to read since it keeps falling apart!)

Good read: The Image of Time

Hint: It’s the start of a new month. Back up that January work!

My Pick: New England 37  Atlanta 34

Don’t think about making art. Just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding that, make even more art. – Andy Warhol

© Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2017

In The Field: A Very Wet Behind-The-Scenes


The other evening, I was on the Asbury Park Press website, and came across an article about the Sons of Ireland Polar Bear Plunge from last January.

As I clicked through the images, I came across this one. I found it interesting for two reasons:

  1. It’s a shot of another photographer taking a photo.
  2. The photographer is me.

I  just find it unique that the APP is running a shot of someone else taking photos at this event. Seems they would only want to run their own photos. I mean, this is their photo, of course, but just odd another shooter is in it.

Anyway, I had to go back and look for my image of this. I only vaguely recollected it and knew it hadn’t ended up in my “Finals” folder. I did find it…


It’s always fun to find “behind-the-scenes” shot and shots of “photographers at work.” And, usually after the Polar Bear Plunge, someone sends me shots of me in the water. I hadn’t gotten any this year, so this was fund to find.

© Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2017