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The temperatures here in the Great State of New Jersey continue to chill the fingers and the media card.

Not a heckava lot of snow, though when walking my dogs early on Monday morning, and seeing how the trees and shrubs were iced over, I really wish I had the opportunity to grab some nice light and try to make something happen. But it was not to be. Soon, hopefully.

Still, I tried to grab what I could. Just after Christmas, Moose Peterson blogged about shooting icicles. How finding the right background was keep and really added to the element.

I hoped to turn this into truism last week. There’s a great old train overpass near where I work in New Brunswick, NJ. The stones are just fantastic. The structure dating back to 1903. Pretty cool. And the stalagtight-type icicles that form from the tressel in the winter are awesome too.


I kept waiting….waiting…waiting…trying to catch the water droplett separating from the main shaft, so I just started ripping digital film….

Lordy! Water takes a long time to drop off when you’re waiting for it to do so!

I didn’t get it.

Never did catch it the way I wanted to.

Here you see me attempting to put a bit of color and texture in the background, as Mr. Peterson suggests. For these, I went with a pretty high ISO (800) as I had no other light source with me. Just went with what Mother Nature provided.


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The Winterscape Gallery

Today, I was gently prodded by my favorite Geek that I better get to a-postin’. It’s been a few days. Hey, David knows more about this stuff than I do, so I thought it best I put something up today.

The Great State of New Jersey is one cold state right now. And it’s going to get colder these next few days. For me…it’s the deepest part of the tunnel right now.

See, I see the winter – especially after New Year’s – as one dark, long cold slog through the tunnel called Winter. Long and dark and nearly never-ending, Winter drags on. Walking my dogs this morning, with the wind whipping around me at 5:45 AM, I wonder why I ever moved back east from California.

But I’m from the East. My place in the Great Circle is on the East Coast. Yes, Winter to me is a beast. It’s a tunnel to get through from near about Thanksgiving until April. For me, it’s like sitting in a big coal-eatin’ locomotive, one that will just keep churin’ it’s big steel wheels, sounding a long low whistle and churin’ on till the first warm days of spring.

Basically, I’m not Mr. Cold. I’m Mr. Heat Miser. (but without the cool hair.)

At the end of Dcember, to combat my winter malaise, I decided to start a new personal project, one that I’m calling the Winterscape Gallery. With it, I’m looking to shoot local images that aim to reflect the time of the year and, indirectly, how I feel on these cold winter days. Here’s are some to start this gallery:




So, this steel train will keep rollin’. I’ll keep bundling up, lighting the fire in the family room, reformating my digital card, and blowing on my fingers, waiting for those first signs of spring.

And I’ll keep shootin’. Shootin’ on till Spring.

© Mark V. Krajnak 2009 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 20D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS2 and Nik Software.

Dispatches: Winter Solstice!

We’ve hit the Winter Solstice here in North America.


My disdain of winter has never been a secret. Read any of my past blog posts and it’s pretty clear. Though the scale has changed in recent year. I hate it less.

Now, I try to make it work for me. And to enjoy what I get to see.

We got some snow last week. Rather than hibernating, I put on my boots and walked.

And went tobogganing with the kids.

And walked some more.

And always, shooting. And sledding. Yeah, even sledding too. (that’s the same sled I was using back in 1978.)


All this was before winter even officially started. Are we in for a rough, pandemic-padded winter?

The woodpile is stocked. We shall see. All I know is…the days start to get longer, ever so slightly, after this and and Spring is on the way.

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You may remember I have this personal project called Winterscape Gallery Series.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_2018

The top one was taken yesterday, in the middle of the fourth Nor’easter of March. the one above was shot this morning, as I shoveled out the driveway.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_032018

Open up and say ahhh….

Maybe I need to start a Springscape Gallery Series

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