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Recently, on Twitter, the hashtag #RTLNY was trending.

#RTLNY = Reasons To Love New York. Think it was New York magazine that started this trending to promote their series of articles on this topic. Of course, people kicked in with their own reasons to love New York.

I don’t know that I love New York. I still find it overwhelming at times. And expensive. But I really, really, REALLY like it. If I had nothing to do, I’d hop the train into Penn Station with my camera and just have a perfect day shooting by myself.

The thing I love about New York the most is the light. The way it dances, reflects, bounces, slits, slates, cuts, envelopes, booms, blasts, flutters and feathers down over through and around the concrete canyons with the asphalt pathways.

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#RTLNY. The light.

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Weekend Shot: Dear Santa

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As we get older, it’s harder to find the magic in the Christmastime season.

Ugly news, pressing deadlines, general inhospitality by our fellow man.

Enough to stain a man’s soul dark and forget the fun of it all.

But, luckily, having children allows the light to seep back in. Friday afternoon, I had my staff’s holiday party at Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, PA. They do a really nice lighting display. After the lunch, my family met me there to check it out.

Saturday evening, we did a driving tour of a 12 station outdoor live Nativity scene (popular place, that. Waited in line for an hour).

Then, Sunday, me and the kids went to the Cherry Hill (NJ) Discovery Museum to kill the afternoon. Didn’t know it, but Santa was on premises. And the kids got the chance to fire off one more missive to the big guy in red.

Chase, my middle guy at 4, loves the whole visual aspect of Christmas. He had been talking about Christmas decorations since July.

Olivia, my oldest at 7, though, is full on into the Santa aspect. She understands the while Baby Jesus part, of course, but at 7, it’s the gifts that hold the appeal.

She IS making a concerted effort to be good, not fight with her brothers, obey Mom & Dad. And, any chance she gets, she’s reinforcing what what hopes the outcome to be come December 25.

A roller copter, though…I don’t know…

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JSP Visual Week In Review | 12.13.14

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Happy 121314 Day.

We’re rushing headlong to Christmas, rumbin’, stumblin’ to the end of 2014.

I’ve seen so many “Best of 2014″ lists already, my head is spinning. God forbid something great gets published, printed, sung, posted, photographed in December. It probably ain’t making these early-bird lists.

But the year ain’t done yet, there’s still time to do something, make something great.

Get after it. Play till the ninth inning.


This Week’s Links:

* Still looking for a gift? JSP can help.

* RIP Ralph Morse.

* Me and Chris Phillips from Backstreet Magazine get some recognition.

* An in-depth history of the Group F.64.

* RIP Michel du Cille.

* Another great interview with Joe McNally. (if the fates allow, he and I will be working together again in January ’15!)

* Via Resource Magazine, 30 Great Stocking Stuffers for under $100.

* Black Widow.

* “Always appreciate what you have.” ~ Bansky

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Tearsheet: Financial Times

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Had a nice surprise yesterday. A colleague of mine stopped by my office yesterday to show me a new ad we had placed in the Financial Times. My company has been placing these in the FT’s healthcare inserts quarterly this year, and yesterday was the fourth (and last I think.)

I’m a big FT fan. In fact, probably an hour before my colleague stopped by, I had jumped out of my truck at the end of my long driveway to pick up MY copy of the FT sitting there. It’s the only physical newspaper I usually read. I’m not into banking or stocks, but the FT provides more than that, a good global view on business. I like the writers and columnists and have held a subscription for a good many years. I especially like the weekend edition, and often look to see who shoots their executive portraits for stories or features.

However, I don’t normally read it until the evening, after the kids have gone to bed. I know, reading old news basically. Glad she stopped by to give me the head’s up that for this installment of the Janssen ad, they used a shot I took in South Africa earlier this year.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Kids Jump_022014_1453

We were four days into our shoot there with Bruno Barbey, on the beach in Camps Bay. The kids were part of the “talent” we had hired to get the lifestyle photos we were looking for.

While Bruno was off shooting other talent (in fact, that’s him, and them, in the background of my photo), I thought I’d keep the kids occupied and do some shooting of my own.

I had tossed a soccer ball out to them, and got some nice shot of them kicking it around. Then saw this cement…um, I don’t know what it was…thing sticking out of the sand. Thought some jumping shots would be fun. To me, this was just like shooting my own kids. I remember shooting Liv one time jumping off a sand dune in Ocean City, NJ, and thought a similar shot would work here.

Luckily, when we got back to the U.S., and I showed some of my images to my colleagues that run our brand center, they liked a number of my photos as well. So, I gladly put them into our corporate image gallery for usage.

Throughout the year, I’ve seen my images used a number of ways. This tear sheet, in one of my favorite newspapers, is one of my favorites.

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