Winner Winner Flash Fiction Dinner

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Remember way back when I posted this photo as a story starter for any hardy soul that wanted to craft a piece of flash fiction around it?

Two writer, Bill Baber and Ryan Sayles, took up the gauntlet and wrote two stories. After tallying up the votes…..Ryan Sayles won with Nearly Fifty Years Ago. (PDF of story)

It’s interesting to me that both writers kind of played off the same theme and idea of two men and revenge. And both are noir-ish sort of tales, though I didn’t ask for that genre specifically.

The reason I thought this would make a good story starter, though, are the two people in the right-hand corner. To me, that’s where I had questions: Who were they? Are they arguing? Discussing something? Getting together? Breaking up? And what’s with the white couch on the curb?

Anyway, good stories both. Congratulations to Ryan. He wins a JSP print (not a dinner, as suggested in the title here.)

I also promised a print to someone who left a comment on the original post. After a painstaking process to select a winner (ok, I wrote the names on slips of paper and put them in my Stone Pony baseball cap, and pulled one out…) the winner is…


Bruce Harris!

See, I didn’t even look at the name on the paper until after the photo was snapped. Didn’t even have it right-side up.

(Bruce is a really good writer himself. He and I appeared in Dark Corners Vol 1 Issue 3 last year. )

Bruce, contact me at and we’ll discuss how to select and get your print.

Congrats to Ryan and Bruce. Thanks for joining in the fun, everyone!

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Oh…wait…TODAY is the first day of Fall?


I swear Google told me it was September 21 when I checked on the 20th.

I guess that WASN’T the last sunset of summer that I posted yesterday.

Oh well.

Speaking of Fall, the woolly caterpillars are out. Me and my boys found this one back in August, actually, in Boone, North Carolina.

I really haven’t posted about our trip to North Carolina, have I?

Hmmm….one of these days. Lots of good stories…

Anyway, time to re-calibrate.

Let’s get after it.

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And Just Like That…


Summer is gone.

But she gave us a nice going-away present last night.

Guess it’s time to turn the page.

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Eye Candy: Camera And A Can Exhibit


The things they do with pictures now a days.

Last weekend, in Asbury Park, was the opening of a new art exhibit right off the boardwalk, at Sunset Pavilion.

It’s a collaboration between photographer Danny Clinch and visual artist RC Hagans. It’s called Camera And A Can.

I wanted to get down to the opening last weekend, as Danny and RC would be there, plus music across the street at The Wonder Bar.

Alas, parenting and weekend duties sometimes get in the way. We had karate class and lacross practice to get to, the lawn had to get cut,then a BBQ/swimming at my in-laws. While I’m sure it was a good time, family comes first.


Nicole Atkins and Joan Jett



James Brown has a sparkle in his eye.


Green Day

In all, various images represent Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Patti Smith, Bernie Worrell, Trey Anastasio, Queen Latifaha, Bouncing Souls (NJ-based punk band), Gaslight Anthem, Nicole Atkins, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, James Brown, Bob Weir, Willie Nelson, Joey Ramone, Johnny Ramone, Joan Jett, Perry Farrell, Shannon Hoon, Mike Ness and Social Distortion, Chuck D., Green Day, Tim Armstrong,  and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Of course, I had to talke “selfies” with a few that are really special to me…



Mike Ness (lead singer of Social Distortion), me, Danny Clinch.

I shot this one on my phone. Makes a sweet phone screen saver. Feel free to right-click to download. Let me know if it works for you.


Read more about the exhibit in the Asbury Park Press.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2016