JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.09.19

JSP Visual Week In Review_110919

This was a week of inspiration.

Visual, audio, work wise, personal wise.

It was one of those rare weeks were it all clicked nicely.

You feel energized. You feel creative. You feel like the oceans are running through you in a good way to help you further that creativity.

Helps offset those days/weeks/months were it feels like you’re beating your head against a cinderblock wall wondering where the next idea is going to come from or worse.

Worse being, if it does come, what if you can’t bring it over the finish line.

But no matter. This was a good week.

Saw a fantastic movie (see below), started a fantastic book (see below), caught some nice light….and our little grumpy Shi Tzu, Roxie Maybelline, turned 14 on Friday.



What I Watched This Week: JOKER. Loved it. Visually and story-wise.

What I’m Reading: Robicheaux by James Lee Burke

I Shoot Shows: Women In Music Photography You Should Know

Photofocus: Prints Stand The Test Of Time

Aperature: What’s Hidden In Their Work

PDN: Getty’s Big Change

Another Mag: Documenting Another Side of New York

Digital Photography: A massive rice bowl softbox. 

Watch (11 minutes): Creativity Builds Nations

“Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long.” ~ Walker Evans (November 3, 1903 – April 10, 1975)

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Event: Lighting Up Mary’s Place 10th Anniversary


L-R: Maria McKeon, Malin Mumford, Michele Gannon, Kara Grimes

A few weeks ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit, thanks to a couple of photographers from Asbury Park.

Because they were not able to shoot an event, they both recommended me to the organizers. For that I thank them for that kindness.

On their recommendation, I was hired to shoot the Mary’s Place By The Sea 10th Anniversary gala.

Mary’s Place By The Sea is a respite home in Ocean Grove, NJ, for women battling cancer. The women there are some of the best work I’ve seen, a work and a passion that renews one’s ideas about humankind.

It’s easy to get sucked into the muck. Just read social media or the news.

But then you mean great people making a positive difference in the lives of the ill and despairing.

Anyway, the specifics: It was general event coverage for the evening. They had a step-and-repeat set up for “formal” photos and I was advised that the venue (Asbury Lanes) would be dark. Could I light it?

Sure, I could! I decided to use either my Neewer Vision 4 strobe…or a set of Neewer 300W studio strobe lights I had that are not battery-operated. Both can be triggered wirelessly.

I was a little worried about the battery life on the Neewer 4, so I decided to use the other set I had, which plug in. I bought this set earlier this year, and never used them. Kinda thought I never week, so, for the past month or so, I had been trying to sell.


But, now they came in handy and they did an excellent job! I say “they” but I only use one of the lights. Here was the set-up.


Pretty simple: One strobe and a shoot-thru umbrella. Camera on Manual, worked great all evening for the step-and-repeat shots.

Contact Sheet_101919

Most of these shots were done early in the night, though as people loosened up later in the evening, they’d stop back for further portraits. These were the very fun ones, in my opinion.





Bobby Bandiera, a local Asbury Park musician, as well as Quincy Mumford, a young guy who I actually photographed 10 years ago at my first Polar Bear Plunge event, both provided musical entertainment.

Bobb Bandiera_mkrajnak_1019191_DSCF4460

Bobby Bandiera


Quincy Mumford

And the emcee for the evening (there was also a silent auction and other fundraising) was New Jersey comedian/impressionist Rob Magnotti, who was hilarious.

Rob Mosaic_101919

It was a very fun event to help highlight the great work Mary’s Place does. Happy to report they also raised the money they were hoping to achieve.

I’m also happy I didn’t sell that Neewer lighting kit! Guess I have to hang on to it now.

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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.02.19

JSP Visual Week In Review_110219

All around me, things are dying.

Those brightly colored leaves? Dying.

The pumpkins shriveling inwards? Dying.

2019? Dying.

Here we are at the top of November and that means the the year is almost gone.

But, not so fast.

Still a lot to get done.

I’m working on a few projects both personal and commissioned.

And also planning a work-related photoshoot to kick off in about a month.

Still lots to do.

Keep you eyes open.

No telling what’ll happen.


This Week’s Links:

What I’m Reading: Finished Nightfall by David Goodis earlier this morning.

What I watched: A film noir of the same name! Nightfall, staring  Aldo Ray and Brian Keith (who I grew up watching in Family Affair). Free on YouTube.

Also watched: A wonderful World Series 2019

SF Gate: Inside the Kincade Fires

BBC: A focus on Moneeta Sleet

The Guardian: Five conflict photographers on their toughest photos

Photofocus: Digital is great, but print stands the test of time

Click & Learn: The landscape photographer who switched to Fuji (I’m not saying Fuji is great, just an interesting read)

Joe McNally’s Blog: Light and Shadows (I recognize one those fedora guys!)

A Photo Editor: Eric Meola and the art of the personal project

Ray Ketchum’s blog: Beyond the Ordinary

Bryan Sargent’s Blog: BTS shooting MEATS

CNN: The photographer who stole 15,000 worth of gear.

“I hate good taste. It’s the worst thing that can happen to a creative person.”  ~  Helmut Newton (October 31,1920 – January 23, 2004)

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Event: 2018 NJ Hall of Fame Inductions

Parmamount marquee_mkrajnak_102719_MG_4940

New Jersey is a pretty swell place for top-notch celebrities, sports stars, creatives, and successful business people.

This is never more evident than if you go to a New Jersey Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which I had the chance to do this past weekend.

Held in Convention Hall in Asbury Park (for the final time – more on that later) this was an event I’ve been hoping to shoot for the past few years. This year, because Southside Johnny Lyon would be inducted,  and because of the natural fit with Backstreets.com, I was able to get credentials to cover the event for Backstreets.

For most of Sunday here in NJ, it poured down rain. But as I headed down to Asbury Park, the rain downshifted to a slow spittle and then stopped entirely by the time I parked on Grand Ave and made the few block walk to Convention Hall, under leaden skies.

Convention Hall_102719

I arrived just before 4 and quickly picked up my credentials. The red carpet wasn’t supposed to start for another hour and 15 minutes, so I had time to kill. Decided too go out onto the boardwalk and take in the sea air.

NJHOF Press_102719.jpg

Actor Jason Alexander had the same idea. Snapped a quick photo of him getting his picture taken on the AP Boardwalk.


The event was a grand affair – and long. Red carpet started at 5:15 and I didn’t get back to my truck until nearly 11:30 p.m. But it was interesting and I got the shots I needed to get. Here’s a good overall recap of the evening.

And here’s some of my favorite photos from the evening.

Above The Red Carpet

High Above The Red Carpet in Convention Hall

Buzz Aldrin_NJHOF_mkrajnak_102719_MG_5372

New Jersey’s own moonwalker, Buzz Aldrin, an inductee.

Jason Alexander_MG_5098

Actor Jason Alexander and his wife on the red carpet

Garry W Tallent_NJHOF_mkrajnak_102719_DSCF4650

The E Street Band’s Garry W. Tallent

George RR Martins_NJHOF_mkrajnak_032719_MG_5136

Author (Game of Thrones) George R. R. Martins

Michael Bolton_timothy White_102719_MG_5081

Singer Michael Bolton (left) and celebrity photographer Timothy White

There were a few more honorees to walk the red carpet but these were a few of my favorites.

From the RC, we, the working press, then moved to our assigned section – the second floor balcony Loge section – left or right side, no middle please.

And there I pretty much stayed for the next three hours. In covering this for Backstreets, my two main focuses were on Southside Johnny’s induction and the induction of the NJ-based band The Smithereens.

Southside’s induction was up first and he was inducted by his close friend, Jon Bon Jovi, who said “Without Southside Johnny, there never would have been a Jon Bon Jovi.” (Jon himself was inducted into the NJ HOF in 2009)


Southside Johnny and Jon hug it out

The word going around was that SSJ was uncomfortable with this award, and didn’t even want to really be there. And wouldn’t perform. He didn’t even walk the red carpet, but then again, not everyone did – Martha Stewart, another inductee, was noticeably absent.


Southside Johnny Lyon

But, after his remarks, he did stay on stage to perform his classic I Don’t Want To Go Home with Jon backing him up.




The other big musical name to be inducted was The Smithereens. While they never hit the absolute huge international scale that Bruce Springsteen did, they are every bit a New Jersey band. They had a strong following at the NJ HOF event, and also performed a few songs both right after their induction and then to close the evening. (Their lead singer, Pat DiNinzio, passed away in 2017 so now Marshall Crenshaw and Rob Wilson of the Gin Blossoms do lead-singer duties. Both were on hand to help out. (In the photo of the band above, that’s Pat’s daughter, Liza, there in his place.)


The Stone Pony marquee after Pat’s death in 2017


The Smithereens with Robin Wilson out front and Marshall Crenshaw with the blue guitar

Overall, it was an interesting event to cover and get some experience. This was my second “red carpet”, after having shot the Blinded By The Light premier back in August.

Shooting red carpets is interesting because of who gets in front of your lens – still can’t believe I shot Buzz Aldrin – and having to conform to the rules as put forth. My advice, after just two of these, is get to there as early as possible and get to your spot as soon as possible. Even though I had gotten there right at 4, and picked up my credentials, and while its cool I got that shot of Jason Alexander on the boardwalk, a couple of other photographers grabbed the very front spot against the red carpet ropes. I was just behind them (one a short photographer, one a tall one) and had to shoot between them. Wish I had the gotten the front spot.

All in all, I was happy to be involved with this event, the last time it’ll be in Asbury Park. Next year it moves to the American Dream Mall. So, a swan song of sorts.

Still, shot some interesting people and learned some new tips and tricks. All gets filed away.

Jam session_mkrajnak_102719_MG_5549

The closing jam – no Southside

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