JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 05.21.22


Another week, business as usual.

We had some driving wind and rain.

Some hot temps.

A crazy busy week at work.

Baseball, baseball, baseball.

And a son that turned 12!


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: Picked up two cool books at the library this week: Flash: The Making of Weegee and There And Back by Jimmy Chin

What I Also Started Reading: The Book of Magic by Alice Hoffmann

What I Watched This Week: Bosch Legacy

James Victore: The Tools I Use Trailer (a CreateLive class you may want to get)

Action: I can’t get enough of these Top Gun trailers.

Joel Edelman: Fashion Portraits With Movement

Bigger: McDonalds and Wendy’s sued over advertising photos

Speaking of MickeyD’s: Leaving Russia after 32 years.

Laugh: Dirty Dancing/Muppets mashup.

“Creativity Disrupts.”  ~ James Victore

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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 05.14.22

My little part of New Jersey exploded into lush greenness this week.

Not sure what it was but all the trees just look amazing now. My walks are between columns of trees that sprung back to life, alongside creeping vines and dotted with yellow buttercups.

Feels like it took Spring a little longer to arrive this year, but it’s certainly here now.

Even the critters are coming to life.

This week I saw foxes, a family of deer lying within the the woods (I’ve never seen deer laying down, saw it twice this week) and a fair number of different birds. Starting to think I should take up birding, like Dan Milnor.

This week also had baseball…lotsa baseball

Still trying to see what I can see whenever I can.

Let’s get after it this week!


This Week’s Links:

What I’m Reading This Week: Finishing up Kitchen Confidential and The Sun Also Rises

What I Watched This Week: Operation Mincemeat

What I Listened To: Podcast: The World’s Greatest Con: How To Fool Hitler

[Sidenote: Operation Mincemeat and The World’s Greatest Con both deal with deceiving Hitler in the hopes of winning World War II. The deception worked. It’s a cool story. That said…the movie is dull and dour. The podcast is cool and exciting. Listend, don’t watch.]

NY Times: Conversation with Cate Blanchett & Cindy Sherman: Camera Chameleons

Behind The Scenes: Top Gun 2 

FieldMag: Joe Greer on finding photography, inspiration and his new book

Baltimore Sun: Celebrating The Baltimore Sun newspaper Through The Years

Watch: Distill Your World, a very cool 30 minute documentary from Macallan

Mail Call: Letters from the loneliest post office in the world

From The JSP Archive: Pitcher Roy Halladay would have turned 45 yesterday. He passed away five years ago. I saw him pitch once. And it was magical.

RIP: Celebrity photographer/paparazzi Ron Galellea

“Dissect what you can…but in the spur of the moment…trust your instincts.” ~ Brian Brushwood, magician

In The Field: Baseball in Color

Chase Putting One Into The Gap

Aside from my daily rambles that provide photo fodder for many of the photos that you see in my Visual Week In Review posts, I haven’t been shooting much.

But, on thing I have been shooting is baseball. Trying to get better with the action shots.

I recently posted about Baseball In The Shadows. At a game in April, my boys were at another local field where some of the colors really jumped out at me.

I wasn’t coaching, so I was able to put the Canon 5DM4 to work, with the 70-200.

Matt Got To Play On His Brothers Team This Night

I often use the fence as framing elements

Homerun trot. Sent this to his mom, she loved it.

Beautiful Evening Light Here

And some detail shots, too.

And even though I liked the colors at this field, had to do a few B&W, too.


Of course, I had to make prints. I had them lying in my living room and Chase picked them up. He’s used to seeing some of my prints, but like many, if not nall,11 year olds today, he sees most visuals on a screen. When he picked up these prints, he literally poured over these photos for 15 minutes, loving how they looked on paper.

The catcher, and #10 here, playing on the other team, are the sons of a guy I coach with on one of Matt’s teams. I gave him these prints. To say he and his wife were ecstatic is an understatement.

People love prints. Make prints, people.

I’ll keep brining my kit to the field, shooting when I can, if I’m not coaching. Heck, I even shoot when I do coach sometimes. Gotta keep the eye sharp. Always looking for the color and the light and the timing and the composition.

Hoping to hit on at least a couple of those every time I go out!

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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 05.07.21


Things are crazy nowadays.

Food prices keep going up.

Gas prices keep going up.

A leak shows that nine justices think they can pass legislature that will affect millions of people.

A war rages on, peoples lives changed forever.


And yet, we’re expected to be up, be creative, keeping our IG’s filled, getting those likes.

Who else feels like it’s hard?

Do you shoot for yourself or for the likes?

Really hope it’s for yourself.

Because if you don’t have that….

What do you have?


I’d be remiss if I didn’t wish two very special moms, my mom and Leslie – a very happy Mother’s Day! And happy Mother’s Day to all the mom out there reading my little piece of the internet today.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: While still working on The Sun Also Rises and Kitchen Confidential, I’ve been paying attention to The Other Half: The Life of Jacob Riiis and the World of Immigrant America. All three are really good. Just trying to split my time evenly in their pages.

What I Watched This Week: The final episodes of Ozark. I’ve liked this series from the beginning. I do have thoughts on the last five episodes, but no spoilers here. Want to discuss? Shoot me an email and we’ll chat. The one thing I’ll say…the final episodes were washed in a color palette that looked like a Dan Winters photograph.

Listen: Wonderful interview by Debbie Millman with Jack White and Ben Jenkins. This rocked my day on Monday when I listened to it on my morning ramble.

Clevescene: The New Black Vanguard – Photography Between Art and Fashion

Petapixel: How To Store Film Negatives

Petapixel: How Long To Photos Last?

Print Magazine: Ken Carbone on What is Iconic?

RIP: Photojournalist Viorel Florescu

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