In The Field: On The Darkside with John Cafferty

John Cafferty on stage at The Stone Pony

Ain’t nothing’s gonna save ya from a love that’s blind
Slip through the dark side and cross that line

~ On The Darkside, John Cafferty

There are some bands that just have that….ah…Jersey Shore sound.

A sound that just belongs in a little seaside bar in Asbury Park.

It’s a sound that trades on guitar riffs, a steady drum rhythm, and saxophones.

Definitely saxophones.

John Cafferty And the Beaver Band fit this bill perfectly. Even though they hail from Narragansett, Rhode Island, they fit the Jersey Shore sound perfectly. And their sound was on full display when they recently played to a packed little seaside bar…this one being the legendary Stone Pony.

JC&BBB started their career in the 1970s – just like a few other local guys we all know and love – and achieved mainstream success in the 1980s with the Eddie & The Cruisers – Motion Picture Soundtrack“.

On this night, On The Darkside, one of their biggest hits from that era with one of the most well-known hooks was, played, surprisingly, early in their Stone Pony set (second song).

But the phones of their loyal fans were up early and on “Record” as they blasted through that song tells the rock ‘n roll story of unprofessed love.

“Settle in,” said John, still sporting the same shaggy hair as in that video link above, told the crowd after one of the songs, “We’re going to play awhile.”

And play awhile they did. They’d hammer the stage for two straight hours of East Coast Rock ‘n Roll. It may have been chilly up on the AP boardwalk, but John and the band heated up The Stone Pony.

On stage this evening, on sax, was Michael “Tunes” Antunes, who appeared as the saxophonist in the original Eddie & The Cruisers film.

Tunes doing his thing on stage

Blasting through Hearts On Fire, Cafferty’s solo track featured on the Rocky IV soundtrack, heated it up even more. Did you know that Cafferty has songs in 35 movies? Pretty incredible for a bar band that’s been touring the Northeast Corridor for more than forty years.

By the end of the set, the band had put in a great night’s work. And the fans saw one of the classic East Coast rock ‘n roll bands of our time.

PS: This post was also appears on the Asbury Park Vibes website, of which I hope to contribute more.

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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.27.21

Short one this week, folks.

Hope you’re all doing well. I’m sure this past week was stressful in a variety of ways for many of us. I spent some time back in Northeast Pennsylvania, and shooting a band down in Asbury Park.

Also walking and running various trails in NJ and Pa both along and with my dogs. Autumn is fading fast. Looking more like winter.

Stay cool.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: Finished Catch A Falling Clown 

What I Watched This Week: Tick…Tick…Boom on Netflix. Highly recommend.

What I Listened To This Week: The Plot Thickens Podcast – Season Three: Lucy

RIP: Stephen Sondheim. Titan, indeed. He plays into what I watched this week, too.

Shifter: Notes on Photography 13

Also…I’d be remiss if I didn’t direct you to Dan’s Questions and Answers 29, at least from 54:00 to the end. Great question submitted by a long-time listener (hint, hint.)

Ming Smith: Photographer of New York Is Getting Her Due

Noirvember: Via my friend Andrew Nette, 10 underappreciated American Noirs of the late ’50s/early ’60.

Eggactly: Why the Egg McMuffin Could Never Be Created Today

It’s the end of the month, folks. Back up your work!


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Thank. Full.


Getting ready to hit the road to Northeast Pennsylvania and spend Thanksgiving, plus a few day, with my mom.

It our first major holiday since my Dad passed.

Kinda wanted it to be just us, so the kids will spend the weekend with their mom.

Death. Separation.

My 2021 has been a challenge.

Still, there’s much on my side to be thankful about.

Every morning I open my eyes I’m thankful.

The kids are doing really well in school.

Me and their mom are friendly, at least.

Chase and Matt are doing well in baseball

Olivia is a special, wonderful, fun person to be around.

My job, and the people I work with, are great.

My photography keeps humming a long.

There’s been some lousiness this year.

But much to be thankful for.

And thanks to all of you that click the link to view and read what I’m posting!

If you’re celebrating the US Thanksgiving, enjoy it. Don’t eat and drink to much.

Get some fresh air.

Take photos.

Give thanks.


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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.20.21

This was one of those fly-by weeks. Not really sure where it went.

The usual ups and downs. Trying to keep the ups going longer than the downs, but aren’t we all?

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past, as F. Scott Fitzgerald once famously wrote.

I missed the eclipse this week. Thursday was busy, a corporate shoot gig (even put on a tie, see above) and I was exhausted Thursday night and slept soundly into Friday. Thought about setting my alarm for 3:30 a.m., but just didn’t. I’m a bit bummed – saw some photos from friends and probably should have.

This weekend will be busy, too.

Tomorrow, I’m doing portrait session with a young musician in Asbury Park at a studio there. Today I’m heading down to do some pre-lighting and try to work on some concepts.

The famed rock photographer, Danny Clinch, is celebrating the five-year anniversary of his Transparent Clinch Gallery with some crate sales of his photos and a little shin ding tomorrow evening. Hopefully, I’ll have time to take in some of it.  (I was at the “official” opening five years ago).

Then a short work week this week. First major holiday for my family without my Pop. I’ll spend Thanksgiving with Mom (but will see my kids on Wednesday).

Our boats, they beat on against the current.

Try to be good human this week.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: Just not getting into The Anderson Tapes so I’ve put it down. Downloaded a version of Classic Short Stories on the Kindle. Catch a Falling Clown is still in progress, not bad.

What I Watched This Week: A bunch of stuff – The new Gordon Parks documentary, Choice of Weapon, on HBO.  Highly recommend if you have it. I also watched the Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson on Hulu. If focuses on the Super Bowl incident and how that affected her career (negatively) and how it affected Justin Timberlake’s (pretty much not at all). Boy, was she scapegoated.

Listen: Short audio interview with Gordon Parks from 1990 on NPR’s Fresh Air

RIP: Three stellar photographers passed this week: Music photographer Mick Rock, documentary photographer Latif al-Ani, and photojournalist Tom Stoddard.

Watch: Long Live Mick Rock

Watch: Gibson TV’s profile of music photographer Ross Halfin

France24: Afghanistan’s disappearing camera boxes

ArtNews: New documentary looks to position Eaweard Muybridge as an essential photographer

Photoshelter: How photographer (and my buddy) Drew Gurain captured Yo Yo Ma for MasterClass

Digital Photography School: How to photograph wildlife in low light

NY Times: The deaf football team taking California by storm. (great photos by Adam Perez)

Favorite Photo of the Week: Via Bryan Sargent

“All you need is a bit of luck and enough muscle to click the shutter.” ~ David “Chim” Seymour (November 20, 2011 – November 10,1956) Read more about him.

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