Minding Minolta

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“Only from the mind…of Minolta”

Anyone remember that old Minolta advertising slogan from the ’80s? That’s one of those that sticks in my head like Where’s The Beef? and Grab A Heiny!

Last Summer and Fall, my father-in-law wanted to sell his Minolta Maxxum 7000 with a 50 mm f/1.7 lens on eBay. I said before he did, let me load some Kodak B&W film (400 ISO, I think. Standard variety, not any Tri-X or anything) I had and give it a run.

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I probably should have read the manual that came with it for better results. I never really grasped the electronic button system of increasing or decreasing the ISO and F stop. The autofocus worked well, and I really just loved the DOF that I got with that f/1.7. That image that opens this post is a good example. As is this one, shot in TriBeCa, New York City last fall.

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Another one from that same day, an evening portrait of my buddy George over an IPA of some sort. He’s looking abit rakish here, like a young Liam Neeson perhaps.

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I certainly shoot less with a film camera than with my digital. My father-in-law kept asking me if I got the pictures back yet. I kept saying I didn’t even finish the 24 roll film yet. He asked me so many times, I finally just burned some images to get done with it. Then I gave it to him to get developed to expedite the process. He took it to Walgreens, I think.

Speaking of greens, many of the images came back with a greenish tint. Since we had them burned to a disk, I opened the JPG’s in Photoshop and desaturated them back to true B&W. Here’s a shot of Olivia I didn’t touch.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Olivia_201510

The green tint isn’t bad, really. While I’d like to assume that Walgreen just didn’t adjust their print monitor correctly, I don’t know why some are greenish, some are B&W. Oh well.

And As you can see, every shot had a good amount of grain to it. Like Joe McNally said once said in a blog post …grain you can drive a truck through.” I’m not complaining. Grain is good, I think. I can give an image some soul. And if you can combine grain with a foggy night a the Jersey Shore…

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As I said earlier, the one thing I notice shooting film (remember, I pulled out an old Konica for our family vacation in Vermont last summer)…I don’t shoot as much. I don’t know if I’m just indiscriminate with digital, or it’s just that when I shoot digital, I know that’s just the first step and I can get what want in the second step, the digital darkroom. I have a harder time “seeing” the result with film. That’s why it took me so long to go through the 24 exposure roll of film. I know how we always hear about “slow down…shoot with film…” but I think I slow down to much.

Still, it’s fun to see what these cameras can do, and what the film can do. I think I’m out of all my old leftover rolls, so if I want to keep doing this with my old cameras, I’ll have to order some more.

The photographic education continues….

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New Tearsheet: 2015 TriRock Triathlon Mailer

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You may remember last June, I shot the TriRock Triathlon in Philadelphia. And had a great time doing it.

My company is a major sponsor of it, and they were very happy with my images. That’s always good to hear.

The group putting this together recently printed up thousands of postcard mailers to help promote the 2015 event, and my photo of the J&J team – what they are calling the “Sea of Red” internally – is anchor image. That’s the J&J CEO, Alex Grosky, dead center in the visor. He’s a high-profile Fortune 500 CEO that still get his workouts in every morning and is in great shape. It can be done.

The postcards are plastered around the various campuses to raise interest for the event. J&J had 500 entrants last year, and raised a ton of money. Hopefully these mailers, and other internal advertising, will help entice more people to do the event and we can raise even more money.

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JSP Visual Week In Review | 02.21.15

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This week conspired against me abit. I didn’t shoot too much.

Monday was President’s Day. Bitter cold, we didn’t do much.

Monday night into Tuesday, it snowed. Kids had off. But, no thanks to technology, there’s no snow days from work anymore. I powered up in the home office, and hardly left the house except to shovel.

Sure, I know there are photo opportunities inside. But I often need to be out in the world, trying to see something in a new way, or to document.

This is a long way of saying it was a low output week. At least it felt that way.

That said…had two very exciting emails come in this week. More to come on that…

Here’s to getting out and seeing what I can see this week.


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* “Life is long. Art is shorter.” ~ Philip Roth

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Colder Than A…

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Well, this is a family show, so I couldn’t put the full phrase in title.

But, yeah, it’s been that cold here in the Great State of New Jersey.

Days are getting a little longer, so more light on the drive home. Took a slightly different route last evening and got lucky.

I saw this scene in my rear view mirror. Only had my Canon S110 on me, so I stopped the truck in the middle of the road, jumped out, and snapped a few frames. Didn’t get blown over, but almost.

I first opened the JPG file in Photoshop, and ran it through a Nik HDR filter to pull some of the colors out. But it also sharpened the frame a bit too much, and there was clipping at the top edge.

So I opened the JPG up in Camera Raw via Photoshop (you knew you could do that, right?) and used the adjustment sliders to pull up blacks and deepen the saturation to what I saw.

Cold indeed. But worth it!

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