Summer Starts


June 1.


Already, June.

The start of my favorite three months of the year.


Feels a little different this year, though.

No big trips planned, for obvious reasons.

No big concerts planned to shoot, for obvious reasons.

But, still, it’s SUMMER!

I have  a new hammock in the backyard.

I have quite a few new books to reads (Summer Reading List coming soon)

We  have a new grill (RIP to the Weber that lasted 14 years)  to create delicious summer dishes.

We have a new tent, to do some backyard camping, at least.


I’m riding my old bike more, exploring our little area of NJ on two wheels, a few miles at a time.


And I have three (somewhat) willing subjects to continue to document and try things out on.


The last few weeks have been rough in so many ways.

But now it’s summer. Here’s to hoping things even out and we can all plan to enjoy these lazy days of beautiful light and fantastic family and friends.

Fill the frame! Back up your work! Stay Safe!

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JSP Visual Week in Review ~ 05.30.20

Visual Week In Review_053020

This was the opposite of a good week.

First, we lost our gal.

Still stings.

But, on a bigger scale, America is broken. There is so much unrest, it’s deeply troubling.

Three years ago, such a big deal was made about a black athlete kneeling during the National Anthem to protest how blacks are treated in this country.

A peaceful protest.

But the spin masters at 1600 Pennsylvania turn it as only they can.

It wasn’t about racial unrest in the America, no, he’s anti-American, anti-American Flag, they preached.

And that’s how the narrative progressed. And people bought into it


Another human being was killed by excessive police force this week.

Now, cities across the US, including my beloved Philadelphia, are burning in protest.

White, black, yellow, red. A human being.

“A riot,” Dr. Martin Luther King said, “is the language of the unheard.”

No, I don’t like the rioting. The destruction seems counterproductive.

But it is understandable at this point. People can take only so much.

The Stonewall riots worked. So did that little riot we had in Boston one time

September 2017

September 2017, NYC

Things have to change.

Though I’m very pessimistic they won’t.

Eric Garner.

George Floyd.

So many more.

Rest in peace.


No links this week. There are a lot of voices that need to be heard right now. Please go and listen to them.


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Remembering Roxie


Tough day around these parts yesterday.  We lost our old gal.

The last few weeks have been tough. She a Shi Tzu, small to begin with. But she hadn’t been eating much, and losing weight. Down to just 10 lbs, all skin and bones and fur.

I took her to the vet on Friday, which, in the time of COVID19, is a production in itself. They said she had a urinary tract infection, prescribed an antibiotic.

We were hoping that’s all it was, but no change over the weekend, and lots of accidents.

We knew things weren’t good on Memorial Day. We made her comfortable on the floor in the family room, and I slept on the couch next to her that night.

My wife took her back to the vet Tuesday morning. I was on a Skype call when she texted “911” to me – a preset code to let me know things were bad.

I jumped off a Skype, drove to the vet’s. Said my goodbyes in the parking lot, she licked me on the nose a last time.

She was grumpy and grumbly. Certainly wasn’t a lap  dog, didn’t have a favorite toy, not very active, but had a resurgence after we got Bojangles three years ago. She started to go on walks around the block (a half mile) with him and us. For her little legs, that was quite a distance.

Pretty healthy her whole life, though, and a sometimes willing photo subject.


When she was a ball-of-fur puppy, she walked into our house and took it by storm. I posted photos of her a few times over the years, the first being in 2009.

She was a good dog to us. We’ll miss her dearly.

Sleep well, Rox.

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A Day of Remembrance

Memorial Day 2019

Putting flags out, May 2019

No small-town parades this year.

No packed beaches this year.

No ballgames this year.

But, Memorial Day, here in the United States, is still a day of remembrance.

It’s cloudy and cool here in New Jersey right now. Sun is supposed to break through later on.

I’ll spend a quiet day with the family, get some reading done, take Bojangles Hawthorne Caruso for a some walks.

Fire up the grill later on. We can still do that this year.

But still, we’ll remember.

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