JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.30.19

Visual Week in Review_113019

Ok, yes, I know I’m a day late here.

Right now, I’m sitting in a hotel room in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Tomorrow starts a week long set of shoots and travel for my job.

Monday and Tuesday, we’ll (myself, photographer Gary Chapman, and his assistant/wife, Vivian) will be shoot at facilities here in San Juan.

Late Tuesday, we fly overnight to Ireland, land on Wednesday.

The rest of the week will be spend in Cork, Ireland. I was there 10 years ago, but hardly remember it.

I spent much of today (Sunday) doing some work and then walking around San Juan. Gary, Viv and I eventually met up for dinner at Barrachina to officially kick off this adventure.

So, I’m beat. Will try to post more than usual this week, to give you and idea of what I saw this coming up.

Last week, very busy. Shot two shows (or four bands, if you want to count it that way), some of which I’ve posted to my IG already. But more to come here.

Plus, Thanksgiving, and all that entailed. We had a good one, filled with family.

Busy week. But in a good way.

More to come. Stay with me.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: Still working on James Hilton’s Lost Horizon

What I Watched This Week: The Irishman. It was good. Lots of star power. I liked it. Not as epic (to me) as many are saying. It’s beautifully shot. Invest the time (it’s 3 1/2 hours) if you can. (On the plane to San Juan, though, I watched Once Upon A Time In Hollywood again. Loved it again. And more than The Irishman.)

Digital Photography School: Photographic Inspiration or Copying: Where’s The Line?

Rangefinder: Photographers going with the flow.

LA Times: Patti Smith and Lynn Goldsmith

ArtNet: Eggleston Launches A Foundation

Daily Mail: Smartphones have put pro photographers out of business

Vanity Fair: The Quintessential Peter Lindbergh

“Whether or not the image is razor sharp isn’t that important; it’s the shot you get that counts.”  ~ Inge Feltrinelli (November 24, 1930 – September 20, 2018)

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Wyoming_ 2019

What am I thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day 2019?

I’m thankful for my crew, above, from this past summer in Yellowstone National Park.

And I’m thankful for these creatures that bring us joy every day.

Roxie Maybelline, who just turned 14 a few weeks ago.


And Bojangles Hawthorne Caruso, now going on three.


These six are at the top of my list, but there are many more close behind.

Later today, we’ll sit down to the turkey I made (and to the vegetarian lasagna I’ll also have made, for me and my daughter). And we’ll give thanks.

For what we have, and what we hope to have.

As always…Gotta keep a good eye on the windin’ road ahead.

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Anniversary In The House

Butch Walker_2016

Butch Walker Marquee, 2016

I found out that this week marks the fourth anniversary of the House of Independents in Asbury Park.

Frankly, I thought they were around much longer, but I guess not.

I enjoy shooting shows here – the sight lines are good, the lighting is clean and fantastic, and it can be intimate or raucous.

So, in honor of HOI’s 4th Anniversary, here are some of my favorite shots from the past few years, in no particular order.

Georgia Ownen_2017

Georgia Owen’s Record Release Party 2017

Bobby Mahoney_2017

Bobby Mahoney warms up backstage, 2017

Low Cut Connie_2019

Low Cut Connie, 2019

Ron Santee_2017

Ron Santee of The Battery Electric, 2017

Willie Nile_2019.pg

Willie Nile (in the Marx Brothers jacket) and band ready to take the stage, 2019

Jeff Kazee_2018

Jeff Kazee looks out over the crowd, 2018

Doug Zambon_2017

Doug Zambon of The Vansaders, 2018

Hooligans Holiday_2019

Dave Hause at the mic during Hooligan’s Holiday, 2019

Max Weinbert_2018

E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg with Grammy Museum’s Executive Director, Bob Santelli, 2018

HOI doesn’t have the history (yet) like The Stone Pony or Wonder Bar in Asbury Par, but if they keep it up, they should be there putting on great shows and events for a long time.

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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.23.19

JSP Visual Week In Review. 11.23.19

Here we are, late November.

The chill and dampness is definitely in the air here. Broke out my scarf (bought in Tokyo!) for the first time.

The weather matches the days. I always view November as chilly and colorless.

All those golden and red leaves are off the trees and the greens and reds of Christmastime haven’t taken hold yet.

Flat brown. Gray skies. Dull reds. This is the palette of November in New Jersey

But you try to find the color where you can, be it an early morning sunrise, a firey sunset or a pair of red rain boots.

Or maybe try shooting in black & white to see what that gets you.

Make your own color palette to suit your needs.

Always be shooting.

And next week at this time, I won’t be in New Jersey. Stay tuned!


This Week’s Links: 

What I Read This Week: Started a paper copy of LOST HORIZON, an e-book version of THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 and an e-book of CRUEL WINTER: A Cork County Mystery

What I Watched This Week: The Gift: The Journey of Johnny Cash

PDN: Trump’s hand-written notes in close-up

PDN: RIP Terry O’Neill, chronicler of the 1960s

Rangefinder: From Scientist to Photographer

NY Times: His photos spoke volumes

Watch: Is this the greatest sports photograph?

Watch/Listen: Kenneth Jarecke talks to Joe McNally (this is a great interview.)

November 24, 1963

“All you need is a little bit of luck and enough muscle to click the shutter.” ~ David Seymour (November 20, 1911 – November 10, 1956)

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