JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.17.18

Visual Week In Review_111718

Pretty quiet shooting week for the most part.

Had to grind on a lot of stuff for work, didn’t get out and about to much aside from last weekend in the woods with the kids.

Yes, we had some snow this week, can’t even call it a storm, even though it crippled the tri-state region.

Now the leaves are basically off the trees and it feels like we’re settling in for the winter now.

Short work week coming up. I’ll be road tripping up to NEPA for the holiday.

Guess we’ll see what we can see.


What I Watched This Week: Dorothea Lange: Grab A Hunk of Lightening. This is free on Amazon Prime Video now. Great watch.

And also: Cop Land Forgot how good it was.

What I Read This Week: The Same Mistake Twice by Albert Tucher.

Puppies: Good Dogs In The Making

Scott Kelby’s Annual Gift Guide for Photographers (I’ll be putting in for a few of these.)

Is Social Media Ruining Photography?

Interesting edit reveal.

Why are CEO portraits so weird?

“There’s no such thing as simple. Simple is hard.” ~ Martin Scorsese, who is celebrating his 76th birthday today.

Happy Danny DeVito Day!


Today is actor and New Jersey native Danny DeVito’s birthday. He’s 74.

It’s also the first Danny DeVito Day in New Jersey!

I had the chance to photograph Danny this past April at the Asbury Park Music & Film Festival. He was doing a Q&A/stand-up show at the APMFF so I covered the media session earlier in the afternoon.

Seemed like a good guy. He’s from Asbury Park originally, and often comes back to perform.

Danny DeVito_Danny Clinch_mkrajnak_042818_MG_0320

Had to get a shot of Danny Clinch shooting Danny DeVito at the presser.

What’s your favorite Danny DeVito part? I’m partial to his turn in Twins, or as Louie in Taxi.

My kids like him in Matilda.

Whichever role you pick, no denying he’s another stellar entertainer from New Jersey.

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Event: Dave Hause At Crossroads

Dave Hause_xroads_mkrajnak_111018_MG_3294

Dave Hause

I first had the chance to shoot Dave Hause back in August, on a hot summer night in Asbury Park.

He stood on the stage with his band, The Mermaid (which includes his brother, Tim on guitar) in front of about 5,000 people, plugged in and tore through his set. I wasn’t too familiar with his music then, but definitely liked what I heard.

I shot the show, posted some pics, made some prints. And often plugged Dave Hause into Spotify or on YouTube to listen to his music. He got his start in the early ’90s Philadelphia, about the time I was living in South Philly. Unfortunately, our paths never crossed then, though I’m sure I would have liked what I would have heard.

Anyway, he and his bands have been playing and touring and writing and playing and touring. He’s been putting the work in, that’s for sure. Even appeared in a Gaslight Anthem video.

Dave Hause_xroads_mkrajnak_111018_MG_3471

But he’s older now. Still has a lot of tattoos covering his arms but a few more lines in his face. He’s a troubadour for sure, a raconteur that connects with is audience, no matter the size.

Crossroads, in Garwood, New Jersey, holds maybe 200 people. Maybe. Every time I walk in there, I get surprised how small the actual surface face is in front of the small stage. But then, by the time the headliner comes on, the people pack in and I’m surprised how long it takes me to get from one side to the other.

Dave_Tim Hause_xroads_mkrajnak_111018_MG_3477

Anyway, I was there covering the show at the request of promoter Andy Diamond (who, incidentally, has a Gaslight song named after him). I’ve met Andy a couple of times and we have a common friend in the photographer Drew Gurian. When I expressed an interested on social media to shoot this show, Andy brought me in. Very cool.

Tim Hause_xroads_mkrajnak_111018_MG_3306

Tim Hause

Even though it’s a small club, I wanted to shoot Dave and Time from a variety of angles up close and even further back (I had my 70-200 mm with me). Sometimes up close is..well, too close. I like to shoot the stage and the crowd. On a small stage like at Crossroads, where Dave was playing acoustically, there’s no big movements, no leaps, no exaggerated posing. So I wanted to pick my shots, literally.

Dave Hause_xroads_mkrajnak_111018_DSCF1618

Dave Hause_xroads_mkrajnak_111018_MG_3549

Somehow, I did get an “action” shot in an otherwise subdued performance. Not tack sharp, but I quite like it.

Dave Hause_xroads_mkrajnak_111018_DSCF1578

I quite like this one too, especially after I finished it using one of Nik’s Analog Camera filters. In fact, I ordered an 8×10 of this shot, so I can’t wait to see what it looks like printed.

Dave Hause_xroads_mkrajnak_111018_MG_3460

Dave and Tim had a great set, nearly two hours. They covered a lot of ground from Dave’s old stuff, to his brand new EP, September Haze, to some covers as well. A very good show.


Opening for Dave was a singer/songwriter Kayleigh Goldsworthy. She’s another one that I shot back in August as she plays the Hammond organ in Dave’s band. Not only that, but she plays guitar and violin, too. More on that in a bit.

She did a short set to get the crowd warmed up. While she sounded great, I have to say, though, she was tough to shoot…didn’t look up to much so I struggled to get that eye contact shot. Perhaps I should have worked the floor a little more for her, like I did for Dave, but I had a good spot by the back bar and that’s where I wanted to start for Dave’s performance.

Kayleigh Goldworthy_xroads_mkrajnak_111018_MG_3279

Kayleigh Goldsworthy_xroads_mkrajnak_111018_MG_3242

Kayleigh Goldworthy_xroads_mkrajnak_111018_MG_3261

The violin came out later, when she guested on a couple of songs with Dave and Tim.

Kayleigh Goldsworthy_xroads_mkrajnak_111018_MG_3533

Kayleigh came out a final time to join Dave, Tim, and Dave’s drummer, Kevin Conroy. A bit of a reunion from The Stone Pony show.

Dave Hause_xroads_mkrajnak_111018_MG_3695

This will be the last time Dave steps on stage for awhile. After all that touring and writing and recording and touring, he’s taking a little break. And, he and his wife are expecting twins in January. So this was a nice set to then take a step away.

I found Andy afterwards, gave him a big hug and thanked him. Hoping to see him again soon, I stepped out into the cold New Jersey night. A big change from that night in August. It was 32 degrees now, and my breath came out in cold puffs.

My night wasn’t done as I promised Andy 5 or 10 selects later that night. That would happen once I got home. I climbed in the truck, and pointed it south on the Garden State Parkway.

Lemon Hill was ringing in my ears but there’s always time for one last shot before hitting the GSP. It was Veteran’s Day.


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JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 11.10.18

Visual Week In Review_111018_jpg.jpg

This was one of those weeks where I shot a lot but didn’t come away with much.

What looked interesting through the viewfinder somehow seemed less so on the computer and in the digital darkroom.

Ever have days like that?

I think I know what it was: Too much foliage.

Yes, after so many days of green trees, we finally got the foliage we were looking for. I got a couple of shots I liked and then…ok, that’s enough.

I can only take some many photos of leaves. Driving around last Saturday, I pulled over to take quite a few photos of beautiful landscapes.

Beautiful to look at.

Ho-hum when I went to edit.

I need people in my frame. That’s what excites me. Don’t get me wrong, I shoot my fair share of landscapes. But it always comes back to having people in the frame.

I looked at something I shot in New Brunswick this week. I thought I had someone in the frame (an old bank building). But I didn’t, and my interest in the shot immediately waned.

I guess that’s why I like street photography and portraiture. That shot in the upper right – I like it because I got my wife and Roxie in it. If I just had the sun streaming through the trees, maybe not so much (but even with them, it’s not a great/exciting image for any other reason than its my wife and my dog.)

That shot in the lower left? I really like it. Old buildings are a thing of mine. But I’d like it better if I had a person in it: A platinum blonde in a red evening gown; a guy in a fedora smoking a Lucky; even a dog or a muscle car.

I need something more than just bright leaves.


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched This Week: They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead

What I Read This Week: November Road (this book was awesome. I highly recommend)

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NY Times: In Photos: The Joy of The War’s End on Armistice Day

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Photo Essay: A look inside veterans’ cars

Robert Frank had a birthday this week.

So did William Christenberry.

“New images surround us everywhere. They are invisible only because of sterile routine convention and fear.” ~ Lisette Model, born today in 1901.

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