Friday Noir: Blood On Blood

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The joint had been there a long time.

The bar was worn smooth by the elbows that had rubbed it down, year after year, drink after drink.

Smoke hung in the air like wisps of tart cotton strands.

On the ‘box, Ol Blue Eyes is telling Joe to set ‘em up.

Another time, another year, maybe it’s Cash singing about why he wears black.

Or Bad Scooter singing about searching for his groove.

Don’t matter, it’s all the same inside.

Time stands still.

You sit there trying to remember what once was.

Or trying to forget what brought you here in the first place.

The only dames in a joint like this carry bad intentions.

And a Saturday Night Special in their purses.

Summer slips into Fall and then the long Winter sleep.

It’s all just blood on blood, out on the avenue.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

Flat. Ironed.


The other week, the New Yorker had an apropos cover: German artist Birgit Schössow had Daniel Burnham’s Flatiron Building making it’s way up a frozen tundra. That’s the way New York – and the East Coast – has been the past couple of months of this winter. (Birgit also did another favorite New Yorker cover of mine….)

It’s an effective artist rendering, actually. For some reason, for as much as I’ve seen, been in the shadow of, and walked past the Flatiron Building, I’d never really seen Burham’s Folly in this light. I usually see it as unique, very cool, a must-have photograph if you’re in lower Manhattan….but never an ice-breaking ship.

And now that I’ve seen it like this on that cover, I can’t NOT see it like that.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Flatiron Walker

Until the somewhat recent times, I spent a lot of time down in Lower Manhattan, at 25th & Broadway specifically, working with Doyle Partners on various design projects. Their offices are a not-so-long stone’s throw from the building, and I enjoyed getting out of MY office and going to theirs. The Flatiron Building is a New York touchpoint. Then I read Erik Larson’s Devil In The White City, in which Burnham has a dominate role, and liked him, and it, even more.

Devil In the White City is set during the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. So I had to give the Flatiron a vintage feel once.(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Ancient Flatiron

But perhaps my favorite shot is one I don’t know if I can ever get again, even if I tried. Well, maybe I could if I had a grand production budget, but I digress. The image is very unique I think (though I did do some post processing to make it even more unique.) I caught it once summer afternoon after coming out of 25th & Broadway and going for a walk. I got lucky with all the yellow taxis lined up like this, and had it in my mind’s eye to do the selective color on it.

It’s one of my favorite shots, and one I hope to get a large print of someday.

Flatiron Cabs

No folly for me.

(c)Mark Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | 2015

JSP Visual Week In Review | 03.21.15

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Hey look! It’s Spring! We made it!

Hey look! Six inches of heavy, wet snow Friday!

Hey look! 40 degrees and a big melt-off on Saturday!


Crazy week, crazy weather. What can you do? Just keep on keepin’ on.

We’re plowing through March, heading on to one of my favorite months.

Where, from there?


This Week’s Links:

* A book I finished this week. Loved it. Dana King nails small-to-mid-size PA life.

* Jack White, in action.

* Reaching Into The Past To Rival Weegee’s

* The lads, Window-washing.

* Draper Won’t Die.

* Veritas.

* Nine composition tips from Steve McCurry.

* Street of Philadelphia.

* Take four minutes. Kid’s trick shots are incredible.

* Good read: What is noir?

* “Art is whatever you can get away with.” ~Andy Warhol

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Hoop Dreams

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_hoop dreams2

A late-Friday, last-minute post because…

When I was in high school, this used to be a magical weekend. “This” being the first round of plan (well, it was the “first round” then) of the NCAA Tourney. I was a total hoops head…played ‘ball all the time, watched college games all weekend, and “Big Monday” – the Big East games on Monday nights on ESPN, then NBA Friday and Sunday. Couldn’t get enough.

Then the first weekend of the Tourney came, and I couldn’t wait for that late game on Friday to start. Watching game that started at 11 pm, usually the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers or Valpariso -was so cool then.

I’d have my soda and a bag of chips and be ready for it all.

The interest has waned over the years. I don’t play much and when it I do, it literally feels like I’m shooting bricks, literally (they shots themselves fall like that too). I don’t watch much, if any NBA now, and don’t have time to invest into the college game. Still, I’m sitting here now, flipping back and forth between the Sixers-Knicks pro gameand Duke-Robert Morris NCAA Tournament game

It almost feels like 1987 again. I’m ready to start rummaging around for my Whitesnake or Cutting Crew tapes…

(All joking aside…the top songs from 1987 weren’t half bad…)

Who will end at the top of March Madness?

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2015


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