JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01.28.23

This….was a rough week.

A challenging week a work.

A tough week on the personal side.

A week where I had insomnia twice – even being up ALL night one of the days.

Just felt off all week.

Not creative.

Didn’t work out much. Didn’t walk much.

Didn’t make many photos.


This now outgoing weekend helped.

Spent time with my kids, my dogs and my mom (Both Mom and Bojangles celebrated birthdays this week. Yay!)

What can I do?

I can start fresh on Monday.

Look forward.

Go forward.


Because the sun may rise on a new day, and it’s best to get after it.

Then again, it may not.


This Week’s Links:

What I’m Reading This Week: I started Border Music by Robert James Waller. Still working on A Sheperd’s Life and A Daily Stoic

What I Watched This Week: Ring Of Fire, delightfully low budget but no low enough to be really bad.

Read: An Improbable Leap and Visual Impacts, via Joe McNally’s Blog

Listen: Why One Size Does Not Fit All, via Jeffery Saddoris

Mystery: That time Agatha Christie disappeared for 11 days

RIP: Designer Carin Goldberg

“Beware the fury of the patient man.” ~ John Dryden

JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01.21.23


What’s your passion?

What’s you’re creative passion?

Photography? Art? Writing? Film?

A person?

What. Is. It??

What do you give your passion to?

Do you have a thing?

Do you have a person?

What’s life without passion?

Or someone to share it with…


This Week’s Links:

What I’m Reading This Week: Still working on The Timothy Files and The Loch Ness Horror.

What I Watched This Week: Divisional series football. And the latest episodes of All Creatures Great And Small on PBS. I’m such a nerd

Generational: The Latest Gen Z Gadget is a 20 year old digital camera

UN of Photography: Photographing Bob Dylan

DPS: Using Street Photography To See Beyond The Ordinary

HBD: Bryan Sargent

RIP: David Crosby. Sad I missed him in Asbury Park a few years ago.

Every story is a wilderness story. ~ Steven Pressfield.

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Homage To Jay

An Homage to Jay Maisel


On my walk this morning, the light was hitting differently.

January light. Only comes once a year.

As I trudged across an open football field, my boots wet with dew, the latest Shifter podcast in my ears, I came upon a storage bin.

One of those big…ah…not sure what they are really called.

But it’s painted a red/orange and I had the sun behind me.

Some athletic bars were nearby, casting a shadow on me.

I loved the light and the color and the shadows.

Snapped a pic with my phone.

Continued on my walk.

When I got home, I realized to day as Jay Maisel’s birthday.

That time I was at Jay’s door…around 2000

The master of shadow and light and color.

This doesn’t match up to his, of course.

But the influence. It’s there.

In case you don’t know who Jay Maisel is….click here.

Or watch here.

Light. Color. Shadow.

What else is there?

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Murmurs: To Search and Never Rest

black and white photo of a car with headlights on

So it seems, our destinyTo search and never restTo ride that ever changing waveThat never seems to crest

~ Bob Seger, No Man’s Land


Another New Jersey January evening.

Not cold enough to snow.

But threatening clouds, challenging with rain.

A nearly-empty country road.

Headlights on the way.

Big drops start to fall.

Seger on the radio.

The winter that is still in middle, murmuring.


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