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Ah, old St. Patty’s Day! (or Paddy’s, if you prefer.)

I’ve been to the Emerald Island a couple of times.

The first time when me and my travel buddy Flo, took off from Newark airport just past an evening painted with colored skies.

We were headed for County Cork on an annual report photoshoot. I was traveling with Stephen, the MY-based art director, and we were to meet up with the U.K.-based photographer Elizabeth. Anne would be the local photographer’s assistant.

Stephen and I would go on to travel the world together – India, Russian, China (twice), Tokyo, Nicaragua, Paris – but this was the start of it all. Luckily for me, he was up, even then for some early high jinks.

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It was late Fall and County Cork was a blaze with color. The rolling hills were still very green, though wet, and the trees were doing there things as well.

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In addition to providing the “corporate” voice on this, vocalizing some of the themes we needed the AR to carry though, I also, of course, did the BTS shooting. Ibrahim was our main subject over the few days there. An engineer by trade, he lives in Pennsylvania, actually, but was overseeing some sustainability projects there in Cork. Big-time rugby player and Coora Light drinker. Disdained Guinness, which is a Dublin product, so I didn’t drink it myself while there. Myself, I became more partial to Beamish.


it was an enjoyable trip. Got some good shooting, and some good food as well. I was just starting out on my 100 Strangers project, and was able to get Number 20 in a local pub. Godawful lighting, and I didn’t do Nicky justice, but some times it just is.

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On the free day I had, Flo and I had to explore the Blarney Castle and kiss the stone, of course. Beautiful views of the countryside from up the top of the castle.

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Had to some other sightseeing as well….

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December 2010 saw me back in The Emerald Isle, back in The Rebel County, back with Stephen  and Elizabeth.

This time, though, the brilliant Fall leaves were swapped out for ice hanging from the trees, the rocks, even the Mercedes Benz emblem on the front of the car that picked us up at the airport. It was soon after that that my 17-85 lens bonked and I was camera-less for a short duration.

More to come.


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JSP Visual Week In Review | 03.14.15

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This was a week unlike all others.

And I’m not even talking about what Chip Kelly did this week.

Well, yes I am, a little. I mean, all of his crazy machinations contributed to the surrealness of this week.

I started Monday in New Jersey. By 10 p.m. Monday night, my head was hitting the pillow in Northeast Pennsylvania.

My Dad was taken to the hospital with a swollen throat, and I saw him lying in bed, sedated and on ventilation, for three days.

When he was up on Friday morning, he was talking gibberish, like some daytime dream he was in, but which we were clueless of the plot or characters.

Thankfully, by Friday evening, he was back to his coherent self. Throat was a little sore, but at least he was smiling and giving us the thumbs up.

There were other things along the way…but man, whatta week.

Not only for me, though. My wife – bless her heart – held the NJ fort down this week, and it was no easy task. Matty Logan, at 3 1/2, is giving her an especially hard run for her money.

How do I repay her? By signing us up for 8-10 miles of brutality this September.

Love you, honey! Hey, Team JerseyStyle will be rockin’ the course. Aarro.

After coming home of the hospital, I did get to know my old hometown a little better again. Got some night shooting in, met some good people.

The one shot I missed: While at the hospital, I saw an Greek Orthodox priest with the beard, long cassock, cross…and Doc Martens books. REALLY wanted to shoot a quick portrait of him, but alas it didn’t happen.

You only miss the shots you don’t take.

Keep shooting.

This Week’s Links:

* What I watched this week: NEBRASKA. Loved it.

* Since it’s Pi Day….From the archives.

* Eric Larson chooses THE MALTESE FALCON.

* Jimmy Page on how he created STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

* Joe just hanging out in Dubai.

* The Way You Wear Your Hat.

* Speaking of cool, Don Draper would like to see you in his office.

* Bob Dylan does noir. And I don’t dig it.

* I never went to Tower Records in LA, only South Street in Philly. Great read.

* WeeGee’s guide to New York.

* Whaddya want from me?

* Good read from Paul Bishop on film noir.

* Happy birthday today to Diane Arbus (March 14, 1923 – July 26, 1971) and Chris Hondros (March 14, 1970 – April 20, 2011)

* “In photography everything can be taught, except how to see.” ~ David Hume Kennerly

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Traveling Light

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He travels the fastest who travels alone.
~ Rudyard Kipling.

Monday morning, my head picked up off the pillow in The Great State of New Jersey.

After a few twists and turns, hit Route 29 and headed to work.

Day hummed along. Then the phone call came.

570 area code.

That night, my head hit the pillow in the house where I spent my first 18 years.

Prior, stopped by home, had dinner, tossed some stuff in the bag, kissed everyone on the head.

Put’er in drive.

Life’s like that.

Travel light, travel fast.

Be where you need to be.

More to come…

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JSP Visual Week In Review | 03.07.15


The page turned, and we’re closer to Spring. Theoretically, at least.

Got socked with two winter storms this week – one on Tuesday, one on Thursday. Thursday was the worse of the two. Had to shovel my long driveway three times. Despite that, still seems like a good idea that I didn’t get a snowblower this year. The expense, to me, outweighs the usage. I don’t mind getting out there and throwin’ snow.

Three times, though, is a little much. But that’s rare.

That said, after some shoveling and work-from-home stuff, I pulled 2/3rds of the kids around the block on my old sled. My parents bought it for $15.95 (price is still markered on it) probably in ’78 or ’79. I see they are selling for $75 now on eBay. The sheen of ice under the snowpack made for a fun ride, though. Worked good as it did when I was eight.

That said…ready for Spring. Heading into the 50s this week. I’m thinking Thursday was Winter’s Last Stand. All down hill from here.


This Week’s Links

* What I Read This Week: A Death

* What I Watched This Week.

* This.

* Hidden Depths.

* Fantastic portrait of The Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon by Drew Gurian.

* More issues for World Press Photos.

* Nice post about Philly photog Jason Varney. I hired him a few years ago, and hope to do so again. Really nice guy and good shooter.

* Ten films that inspired Mad Men.

* Peeps-flavored milk. Huh? What?

* From my mate Andrew Nette: The World of Suzie Wong

* Another good read: Why We Love Secret Spies.

* No more elephants.

* “Fiction is meant to illuminate, to explode, to refresh.” —John Cheever

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