Keeping It Local

Quite the busy week, last week was. So much going on. In NYC, the best of the best photographic talents came together at the PhotoPlus Expo. I had expected to get there on Friday afternoon, to say hello to old friends and hopefully meet some new ones.

Alas, unfortunately, five-month-old Chase had other thoughts. He awoke around 4 on Friday morning, inconsolable. Me and my wife took turns. Finally, around 6:30 a.m., during my shift, I tried something we never had to do with our kids before. I wrapped him up warmly, loaded him into the truck and headed down I-195. We ended up in Monmouth County, watching the sun rise. Well, I saw the sun rise. He slept, I drove. Anyway, after all that, I couldn’t break free from the office. Too much to do.

Also on Friday, I learned that a Stuart Sipahigil, an photographer friend of mine, published a new eBook via Craft & Vision called Close To Home. It’s all about finding photographic inspiration close to home. It’s quite a good read (and I’m not saying that just because I’m mentioned in it.)

Hey, we all can’t be traveling to far off lands trying to find that picturesque market in South America or that holy man in Delhi. But there is beauty all around us, even right outside our front doors. We must find it.

And shoot it. Because that’s what we do.

To that end, Olivia and I ventured out on a new “adventure” on Saturday. Took us to Home Depot, and the local cobbler (not sure if they are still called cobblers.) Anyway, travels – yes, won’t be local much longer – are coming for me in near future, and I had to get my boots in order. Liv came along for the ride and with the promise of a new diner to explore.

And so we did. The Hightstown Diner, on this particular Saturday.

Good food. Good time.

When Liv said “Let me take a picture! Make a funny face!” I turned the camera over to her.

And she – all three years, six months of her – shot it.


We had a good time. And the staff at the Hightstown Diner was super friendly.

Also, the lunch gave me one of my favorite images.

Weekend ended with, of course, Halloween. I have some ideas for the coming years, but this year, I kept it pretty simple, photgraphically speaking. Always good to add to personal projects, though…

Oh, and the shot that leads off this post? Me and Liv collaborated. I raked the leaves, she agreed to kneel in them and throw some up in the air. To enhance the effect, I was throwing handfuls from camera left. Used the on-camera flash (*GASP* Yes, the ON-CAMERA flash) on my 50D to help define some of the leaves. Click on the image to see it larger.

Another concept:

Hard to believe we’re into November already. Soon, the turkey will be roasting and the snow will be flying. Lots of ground to cover before then, though….

© Mark V. Krajnak 2010 | JerseyStyle Photography | All rights Reserved
Unless otherwise noted, images captured with a Canon 50D, SanDisk digital film, finished with PS4 or PSE6 and Nik Software.

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