Weekend Shot: All Knotted Up

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_knotted3_detail_07052014_9544

I love me a good detail shot, sometimes.

On Saturday, we spent a fun afternoon with the kids at the Howell Living History Farm.

This setting is the perfect place for my kids. Splashing around in the shallow creek bed, catching minnows, looking for fossils in the soft rocks. They could have stayed there all day.

Heading back to the car, Matty and I stopped to check out a little hut that the wheat is stored in. This rope was hanging outside the door.

Not much done to this one, thanks to the natural light hitting it.

Fun afternoon + big rope + natural light = This Weekend Shot.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014

3 thoughts on “Weekend Shot: All Knotted Up

  1. Great shot Mark. It is interesting how when I saw the picture it brought up the memory of the smell of rope.

  2. This must be ‘seeing beauty’ day. Several blogs I fallow have talked about beauty in nature and seeing beauty in places one normally does not look. You have a excellent example of seeing the beauty of the form and light and making a great image even if I can’t quite smell the rope. The image reminds me of trip to the NC coast 50+ years ago with my dad and going by the commercial fishing boats and the fish market to get bait just as the sun was rising.

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