JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 01.30.21

Why do we, as humans, focus more on what goes wrong than what goes right?

The negative rather than the positive?

I had a see-saw weekend. Ups and downs.

A couple of great things happened – a new photo project opportunity, a great review in my job.

But a couple of not great things to – I wasn’t selected for this (very minor) town committee, photos I submitted to a juried exhibition didn’t get selected.

Which do you think I’m thinking more about?

Yep, that which didn’t happen rather than that which did.

Is that human nature? If so, why?

I just had a talk with my son, Chase, about not focusing on the negatives, especially that which you have no control over over, and focus on the positives, be it in school, sports, or whatever.

Don’t focus on the strike out, focus on the hits.

Without defeats there are no wins.

But still it’s easier said than done. Even for me.

Especially for me.

I guess that’s why daily “positive affirmation lists” seem to be a big thing. Not really my style so I doubt I’ll do that.

But I get the idea and perhaps it’s a good one to take to heart.

So, that’s my message this week: Take those negatives and put them away!

Think about your positives and let them shine.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: Bookwise, no change from last week. But for visual inspiration, Dan Winters’ The Road To Seeing (which I wrote about here.)

What I Watched This Week: One Night In Miami

Listen: The Photo Banter podcast with Dan Winters (the reason I picked up his book again.)

Business: Shutterstock makes a $75 million bet on the future of photography

From My Archive: January 20, 2017. The first concert I shot.

Make Prints: Joe McNally on my favorite printer, Printique

NY Times Photo: Doug Mills on the what it was like photographing inside the White House

NatGeo: Stephen Wilkes’ inauguration timelapse

LA Magazine: 30 years of capturing LA’s subways.

RIP: Corky Lee, documentarian of Chinatown.

“My favorite spot to to be hiding behind an amplifier or near the drum kit. It allows me to see the musicians, the fans, and the venue. To feel the whole atmosphere and translate the exchange of energy happening in front of me.” ~ Danny Clinch (January 24, 1964)

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