JSP Visual Week In Review | 06.15.13


Here we are at the midpoint of June. Tomorrow, here in the U.S., it’s Father’s Day, a day that’s taken on a more special meaning as of six years ago when Olivia was born. We’ll have some family over, fire up the grill and just enjoy what will (hopefully) be a nice day.

Yesterday, Olivia and her kindergarten class put on a little program of songs, then showing the books they “wrote”. Her’s was on dinosaurs. Her last day of kindergarten is Wednesday. What a quick year.

I’m riding along at the forefront of another big project for work, with a super short deadline. We’re about 31 days out from launch now, and it’s another web-based project. Working closely with web designers, website builders and my content team. The fuse has been lit, though, and we have a deadline. Once that hits, we have to be there. It’ll be another wild ride, just like the AR project.

I also got the chance to do some corporate headshots this week, for a couple of new people who joined our department. One of them is in the mosaic above. Trying to utilize nice natural light for a non-standard, non-corporate but still professional, looking headshot. Seeing how the photographers I’ve worked with recently, like David Burnett and Amy Fletcher, have really showed me how nice a natural light headshot can be.


This Week’s Links:

* Photography Changes Everything

* Speaking of Amy Fletcher, good blog post from her this week: Just Book It.

* Pretty bummed this ended up NOT being the Jersey Devil.

* If you watch nothing else this week, click no other link, click and watch this one: Great video from FStoppers: Success In Photography (with Joe McNally, John Keatley, Gregory Heisler, David Hobby, David Burnett, others.) Take the 15 minutes to watch this.

Then get out there and shoot.

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