JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 02.01.20

JSP Visual Week In Review_020120

I hit my normal “winter blues” this past week.

Not a lot of motivation, just a general “blah” about things.

I have blog post in draft form that I just can’t seem to finish so that I can hit “publish”.

Wasn’t really “seeing” anything to shoot, until later in the week. (that said, I did shoot more early-morning landscapes on trips to the gym, and to take my daughter to band class at 7 a.m.)

No trips – which I consider the flint to my creativity – in sight.

Just trying to muddle though this non-winter winter (we haven’t really had any accumulative snow in almost 18 months now).

But things are turning, hopefully.

I shot some portraits late last week, and have a few more this week. Also heading into NYC on Wednesday for some event photography.

And, it’s a short month. Pitchers and catchers report in 12 days.

Spring is coming.

I think.


This Week’s Links:

What I Read This Week: I started In A Field of Blue

What I Watched This Week: Blue Ruin

Also what I I Watched: A 20 minute, very cool Adorama TV BTS video of Joe McNally on a recent shoot in a Brooklyn laundromat.

Greensboro Journal: The story behind the famous sit-in photo.

BBC: The photographer the music stars trusted.

PetaPixel: Paris museum puts 60,000 photos online

Daniel Meadows: My approach to the photoessay

“It’s like, anyone can figure out how to draw something. But it’s hard to tell people how to see something.” ~ Jason Polan (RIP)

PSA: Back Up Your January Work!!

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