International Firefighters Day


Late yesterday, I found out May 4 is International Firefighters Day

A noble day of remembrance, indeed. I think we take firefighters for granted. They are always there, running into danger when the rest of us are running away from it.

After 9/11, the incredible bravery of these men and women was brought to the forefront.  As well as they should have been. It’s great that there is a day to honor these everyday heroes.

When I heard about IFFD, I remember the few times I’ve had the opportunity to photographs some firemen.


About nine years ago, I photographed Chris, a volunteer fire caption at a small station in Pennsylvania. That’s his hand in the opening shot, too.


Brett, taking a break outside his firehouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


While in Jinotepe, Nicaragua in 2009, I was with a team scouting gymnasium for a photo. Next door was a firehouse, where they were building a float for an upcoming Feast of the Immaculate  Conception.

We stopped by to take some shot of that work, and while there, Alexander asked (in Spanish) if we wanted to climb up to the bell tower above the firehouse. He was young, just 21, and you can tell the pride he had in showing his visitors the firehouse.


I’ve always loved the color and light and tone and texture of this shot I snapped while walking through the firehouse. It’s stayed with me, as has our visit with Alexander.

And anytime I’m in Manhattan, and I pass a firehouse, I always have to stop and look in. Especially when I’m passing the Pride of Midtown. I also always think of my buddy, Joe McNally, and the special relationship he has with Engine 54.

Pride of Midtown_jsp

Firefighters…special people. Heroes, all of them.

Please stay safe everyone! Wash Your Hands!

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