JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 07.04.20

Visual Week In Review_070420

It’s our Independence Day here in the United States.

I can’t even say “Happy 4th of July” this year.

Our country is divided and broken.

We’re beset with a pandemic.

We’re besieged by social unrest, all very warranted.

We have a buffoon for a president.

We are leading in nothing but ineptitude.

Usually, I love this day and all it represents. I love were I live on this day, since our Upper Freehold area – See the Battle of Monmouth– contributed great in the Revolutionary War.

Whatever we fought for back then seems very far away right now.

Maybe, probably things have always been this bad. All this didn’t just happen overnight.

And it won’t go away overnight.

So, I guess, today I’ll celebrate the generations below me that I hope will turn things around.

Starting in November.


Matt, 11:04 a.m., July 4, 2020


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“I do not think I can change the world with my photographs, but I do firmly believe that a bad picture can make it worse. ” ~ Ferdinando Scianna (July 4, 1943)

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