Adding To The Pack

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

Meet Quinn Riley Lavalette.

She’s a nine-week old Labradoodle that just joined our pack on Sunday

I like to have multiple dogs in the house. We’ve had at least two dogs for the last 13 years.

Roxie, our Shi Tzu, passed last winter. So, we took some time off from having multiple canines in the house.

But, it my Fall goal was to add to our Krajnak pack with another dog.

I was looking at rescues, or to adopt, but wasn’t having much success.

Then my wife found a place, through a friend, found a labradoodle litter deep the heart of Amish country, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

While me and the boys were at our baseball game on Sunday, Leslie and Liv took the drive out to Pennsylvania.

And came back with this little girl.

So, we are back to two pups romping around the house and yard.

Bo, our  3/12 year old, 100 lb Wheaton/Sheepdog is intrigued by the little gal. He’s been cautious at first, but is actively starting to play with her in the last day. He just need to remember the size differntial.

Of course, I had to some “formal” portraits of Quinn. She doesn’t sit still much but I was able to get a few, like the first one in this post.

Super simple set up for the small pup. Just cleared off a credenza that we have, as I like the wall background. Window light  camera right for the win!

So, a new adventure in our household!

And a new photo subject, too!


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