JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 12.17.22

Going to be a short one this week.

Guess I was out and about – Philly for a early-in-the-week dinner with a friend; Northeast Pennsylvania, taking my mom to a wedding; hanging out with my kids, one of which had a cold – and now something has hit me, too.

Not COVID – tested negative. Just an old-fashioned head cold though.


Slight cough.

Slight chill.

Should have written this early today, but just kinda chilled with the kids, playing board games. Now I’m just looking forward to a hot shower, watching the Sunday Night NFL game, and going to bed.

This is may favorite week of the year. That run-up to Christmas.

Work slows down, people are (pretty much) in a better mood. 

Solemn nights with nice lights on.

I’ll look to enjoy it.

Hope you do, too.


This Week’s Links:

What I Watched This Week: I cracked and watched one of those Yuletide RomCom’s…or RomRama as it wasn’t really a comedy. The Noel Diary.

What I read this week: Fiction-wise, still working on Shadow of the Condor and White Out. Non-fiction-wise, I started Hopper’s Places and Fen, Bog & Swamp: A short history on peatland destruction and it’s role in the climate crisis.

Iconic: Time’s Icon of the Year – Michelle Yeoh

In A Related Feature: Joe McNally shoots Michelle Yeoh high over Hollywood

The Guardian: Agency Photographer of the Year 2022, the shortlist

Curvey: Via John Paul Caponigro, How To Add Color To Highlights With Curves in Photoshop

On The Inside: A tour of Austin Kleon’s studio

Christmas Noir: Up On The Rooftop by Eric Beetner

JSP Archives: Christmastime in Cork


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