JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 03.04.23


Thinking about mortality this week.

Who we are, what we’re doing here, what we’ll leave behind.

It’s been a challenge of a week.

A relative passed away.

Nothing crazy. She was elderly. Lived her whole life in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania. Lived in the same house my dad grew up in. Worked in a clothing factory.

Went to church. A simple life. A pious life, I’m sure.

A friend’s friend was in a car accident this week.

Has a 7 year old son.

She’s not on life support, but will never be the same again.

So, thinking about things today.

What are we here for?

What’s our legacy?

Is there a legacy?

Or does the light just go out?

I don’t know….been one of those weeks…..


This Week’s Links:

What I’ve Read This Week: Still working on The Immigrants. I’m really like it, an epic, sweeping tale. Kinda reading it slower to keep it going. Apparently, they made a TV movie out of it. Would love to find it streaming.

What I Watched This Week: No Sudden Move ; Also, Daisy Jones & The Six

Also Watched: The Consultant, a neo-noirish drama on Amazon Prime

What I Listened To This Week: The Scientist & The Swindler

Richard Branson: What’s Your Why?

Sean Tucker: The Courage To Be Disliked

Behind The Cover: Steve Klein and the Vanity Fair Hollywood 2023 cover (my favorite VF issue of the year)

The Guardian: Street Photography On Display

Read All About It: This underground library

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