Friday Noir: All That’s Lost


The whiskey ran out long ago.

The Luck Strikes, too.

The tears on the pillow stay, though.

The dreams at night are of black skies and dark clouds.

Drifting, falling, trying to find a hold.

Things didn’t go a planned.

Was supposed to be a simple pick-up job.

They didn’t expect the Sûreté Nationale to show up.

The SSP 2022’s jumped, cried, and spat.

Rivers flowed.

Getting away was one thing.

But how do you get away from the memories?

That’s what she’s left with.

The missing words to a prayer she can’t recite.

Trying to find all that’s lost.


Another stellar entry from the two time-traveling gypsies, Flemming Bo and Charlene.

They shot in an old hotel room in Morocco. How brilliant is that background and setting? Pretty brilliant lighting set-up too. According to Flemming, it was pretty simple: A head torch (I’m assuming something like this) and an Android Flashlight app (I’ve used my Blackberry flashlight app to – great little in-the-pinch light). The diffuser? Good ‘ol TP! (toilet paper).

Like I said, brilliant.

When he told me it was shot in Morocco, all I could think of was Rick Blaine, in Casablanca, slumped over that rum bottle after Ilsa came into Rick’s American Cafe earlier that evening. He was about as crushed as a man could be.

The story I created for this photo is a little different though from that scene, though. Our femme fatal gal is crushed for a different reason: A job gone bad. A lover done with. She’s not showing it though. She’s contemplating – What was more important, the loot or the love?

And who is she writing to now? Maybe typing out HER last will and testament.

Or a final good-bye.

Who knows. Up to you, the viewer. Just a fantastic, noir-ish image from the FBJ-CW team. Godspeed to them both as they continue on their world-rambling journey.

Check out their blogs often to see what they are up to, where they are, and what new adventures they are having.

And come back next Friday for another edition of Friday Noir…

Story: © Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | Image: © Flemming Bo Jensen | Model: Charlene Winfred | All Rights Reserved 2013

2 thoughts on “Friday Noir: All That’s Lost

  1. Pretty cool to have guest photographers in your highly anticipated series. Great shot, and a story waiting to be told…

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