JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 07.01.17

JSP Visual Week in Review_070117

Ok…schools are out. Graduations parties are done.

It’s the first of July. You’ve backed up all your June work, right?

Six months to go in the year. How’s everything coming along?

All those projects you thought about early in the year…

Getting on with them?

All those prints you wanted to make..

Have you made those prints/

What about that new gear you wanted to buy…

Anything purchased?

That last of this group is the least important, frankly. Use what you got and make it work.

Get better with what you have, expand upon what you know.

There are no more lazy days of summer.

We’re all moving at the speed of light and social media.

But do the work you gotta go and then get at what you love.

Just get after it!


Birthdays this week: Bob Willoughby, James Van DerZee, Mark Shaw, Jerry Schatzberg, Edward Jackson, Joel Sternfeld

What I’m reading: Graham Greene’s The Man Within

What I watched this week: LIFE. Very disappointing.

Why you need to be printing your work.

A few years ago, I called Joe McNally to hire him. Unfortunately, he was booked. Doing this shoot.

Jason Lee, photographer

From the archives: VWIR 6.30.12.

People – PLEASE just buy a reusable water bottle!

“No individual photo explains anything. That’s what makes photography such a wonderful and problematic medium.” ~ Joel Sternfeld

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