JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 06.02.18

Visual Week In Review_060218

And here we are, in June. The start of the my three favorite months of the year.

I gauge so much of the overall year against June, July and August. Always trying to see more, do more, take in as much of the light as possible.

But, it’s all tempered a bit.

I found out this week that a guy I know since college – a well-respected writer whom I’ve written about before  –  well, he got some potentially crushing news: His young daughter, around the same age as my Olivia (maybe a year or two older, so 13-14ish) was diagnosed with leukemia.

I can only imagine what Duane and his wife are going though, as well as the rest of this family. Hopefully, with modern medicine, Evie can beat this.

Duane lives in Los Angeles now, and when he put out on social media that if any one wanted to help that going to donate blood would be a big help, many other writers and people that know Duane did just that.

That’s just some good people right there. And, after all the crappola that social media can give you, this is how social media can be good.

So here to Evie. Fight the good fight, kid! Beat cancer!!


Oh, also….it’s time for my monthly PSA: Back up your work!


This Week’s Links:

What I’m Reading This week: But Beautiful: A Book About Jazz

What I Watched This Week: Small Town Crime

The Busboy Who Cradled A Dying RFK

Incredible photos here: A Baseball Binge With Small-Town Charm

Dancing In The Kitchen

A new Weegee book.

Stumbled upon this Rolling Stone article form 1969: Heavy Slice of Existence: The new wave photographers marks the coming of age for photography as a independent visual art.

“I am steadily surprised that there are so many photographers that reject manipulating reality, as if that was wrong. Change reality! If you don’t find it, invent it!” ~ Pete Turner, who would have been 84 this past week.

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