Tear Sheet: All The Way Down

all the way down_beetner_012019

Last week, I finished the thriller ALL THE WAY DOWN by Los Angeles-based writer Eric Beetner and had a happy surprise at the end – the photo I shot of him in NYC a couple of summers ago.

It’s always fun to see your photos “out in the wild” like this. Doubly fun when photo credit is given, too.

If you’re looking for a very cool thriller to read, check out ALL THE WAY DOWN. Eric has a number of other books that I really enjoy as well (Rumrunner, Leadfoot are two favs). He’s super creative and a nice guy to book. If you’re looking for new reads, give him a shot.


Late last week, a cool package came in the mail: The hard copies of Bard Constantine’s Troubleshooter books with the new covers.

In person, the front covers really look sharp.

trouble shooter books_2019

But I was surprised to see two more of my photos used on the back cover. Love to see these photos getting so much use!

troubleshooter back covers_2019


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