Getting Simply Organized with Debbie Mumford


Debbie Mumford, Small Business Owner

A couple of months ago, on a clear but windy and chilly Saturday morning, I met up with Debbie Mumford to do some new photos for her website.

For about 20 years, Debbie and her husband, Chris, ran one of the best catering businesses in New Jersey, working on so many events in and around the Jersey Shore.

Now, though, Debbie has started a new chapter in her business life: Helping people get organized.


She commissioned me to help shoot some  new images for her website and her cozy, bright – and organized –  house was the perfect location.

I wanted to do some environmental portraits in these bright rooms. But first, we chatted for about  45 minutes about everything from cooking and going vegetarian to music. The funny thing was, I photographed her son, Quincy, 10 years ago at my first Polar Bear Plunge…and then again in November at the Mary’s Place Gala!


Her background as a pastry chef and caterer (which she did with Chris) was interesting to me. I know she and Chris loved what they did, but it’s SO much work.



Now she wants to help people get control of all their “stuff” and get themselves organized to help all parts of their life.



I loved how animated Debbie would get as we were chatting and I’d be shooting. That comfortability always helps.

The Mumford house is older and quaint and cozy. I loved all the natural light. I have to admit, though, because I forgot to consult my shot sheet, I whiffed on doing any portraits with the gray seamless I had brought. Really wanted to do those, too, and just plum forgot.

But, yes, she too took a pic with Flo, who really needs to get organized in 2020!


And here is how she’s using one of the photos:



Now, because this is a blog and I’d like your feedback…in that first photo, should I have taken out the sticky notes behind Debbie? Part of me wishes I had “cleaned up my background” and removed them. Another part of me feels, no, it’s ok to keep them in there to show this is a working space for her .

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Getting Simply Organized with Debbie Mumford

  1. Does Debbie use Post Its to help with organization? If so, they belong in the photo and should have been added if missing. If she doesn’t, they should go. My expectation is that the notes are used for organizing so they are entirely appropriate. If the session was for something other than her new venture, I’d have to consider if the notes were related to the purpose of the shoot. If you’re doing a home magazine shoot, the notes must go.

    • Great points, David. As often happens when I’m on a shoot alone, I overlook some things (because I’m thinking of so many other things.) Frankly, I didn’t notice the post-its until it came time to process. If I had seen them in time, I probably would have removed them. It’s hard for me to keep everything “in sight” when I’m shooting, but I’m getting better!

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