JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 10.24.20

We are on the backend of October, can you believe it?

The colors are finally starting to pop here in New Jersey. Actually, “finally” may be a little harsh – it’s about the time they normally do. I think we all just expect them to start to show in late September, but really, mid-October is prime leaf time here in NJ. As you can see in my montage.

The World Series is full swing. The NFL is in full swing.

And the U.S. election is just a couple of weeks away.

In the meantime, my son Matt celebrated his 9th birthday on Wednesday. Time is flying by in so many ways.

Me, I’m trying to keep track of that time with my eyes open and firmly behind the camera.

Hope you are too!


What I’m Reading: It was a slow reading week – up late editing a big shoot I did, so just too tired to do my normal page counts).

What I Watched This Week: Thom Zimny’s documentary, Letter To You. It was gorgeous. If you don’t like Bruce’s music, just watch it with the sound down. Get a free 7-day subscription to Apple TV to do so.

Joe McNally: Fall Fashion Shoot

Watch: Hong Kong’s camera guardian

Watch: Baltimore photojournalist Paul Gillespie discusses his 20 year career.

Winner: Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

Essay: What is photography without an audience?

Dan Winters: Had a birthday this week. Here’s my review of his book.

Jerod Foster: Had a birthday this week. Here’s my 2011 interview with him. We still keep in touch a lot, especially on Instagram.

For the laugh: Sam Malone raps about his injury (someone posted this this week and I just cracked up. We need some humor in these times.)

“The truth is the best picture, the best propaganda.” ~ Robert Capa (October 22, 1913 – May 25, 1954)

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