JSP Visual Week In Review ~ 05.15.21

Getting back in the swing this week, but not there yet.

A week of morning rambles, podcast listens, baseball games coachin’, school pick-ups, and, most notably, getting my second vaccination shot!

And no side effects at all!

Be like me, folks, get vaxxed. And make prints.

Thank you to everyone that reached out to me here, on email and messenger, and even in hard-copy paper card form,  to express their condolences about my dad. It’s been very much appreciated. I wanted to do a post honoring him this week, but a mixed cocktail of work, life and stress exhaustion just never gave me the opportunity to put it down here.

But I’ve been working on it, in my head.

Soon, I hope.


This Week’s Links

What I Read This Week: Barrier Island by John MacDonald

What I Watched This Week: They Won’t Believe Me, and also FAME

Jay Maisel: The Photogs

The Ringer: Two A**Holes Lost In The Woods: An Oral History of The Sopranos ‘Pine Barrens’ episode

Favorite Photo of the Week: Via Laura Wolff

Joe McNally: New website launch

PetaPixel: Tips for reducing photo shoot anxiety (I should do a blog post on this myself)

L’Officiel: Richard Avedon’s 10 Best Unpublished Photos

Advice: Neon light for portraits

Watch: Behind The Shot TV photo critiques (The guys review one of my photos at the 1:08 mark. Good thoughts, points well taken)

From The Archives: April 2010, Misty Like Sunday Morning

“Photography is space, light, texture, of course, but the really important element is time – that nanosecond when the image organizes itself on the ground glass.” ~ Ezra Stoller (May 16, 1915 – October 29, 2004)

Be good, be kind, everyone. I’ll try to get back to more regular bloggins and musing this week!

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