BTS Sunday: David Burnett in New Brunswick

Burnett_Gorsky_ BTS_042013IMG_3309

In my post yesterday, I mentioned how fantastic David Burnett’s Olympics photos – and captions have been.

It got me thinking back to the last time we worked together. This was April 2013, and my company had hired him to do some portraits of our CEO.

It was late April in New Jersey, so the weather was nice. We were going to start with some portraits inside.

David doesn’t carry around lights or anything, so he was looking for some nice natural light. We found it in a high-up conference room which overlooks the Raritan River. Those trestles you see in the background support the NJ Transit line. The New Brunswick train stop is right there. If you on NJ Transit there and took it north, you’d be in New York in about 40 minutes.

Anyway, we found this spot the day before when we were scouting. I think David took some test shots of me with his Canon digital, which I used for a long time on my LinkedIn profile.

I also returned the favor and shot a few portraits of David. This one is one of my favorite portraits of all time.


I quite like the B&W version without his glasses too. It’s a bit more severe, and you don’t get the sparkle in his eye that is normally there. He’s a pretty low-key, happy guy, quick with smile and funny story.


In the BTS shot above, David is shooting his famous Speed Graphic camera. You can see his Canon on the ledge, though. Think it was a 5DMark2 at the time.

My camera? A Canon s120, a little point and shoot. But put a great face with nice light on front of it, and it did the job.

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