Travel: The Big D

Texas Special

Last week I was in Dallas, Texas, for a few days.

Didn’t see much of the city as I was in a hotel shooting a conference most of the time. And one day it rained biblical proportions, so was pretty happy I wasn’t out in it anyway.

I hope to share some of those photos from the conference, especially the people I met, at some point.

[Thought I’m slowly beginning to realize that when I promise a future post here, it never seems to come about. Either I talk myself out of the interest level, or other things take precedence and the older ideas slip away. Heck, I never did post my favorite shots of 2018 as I promised, and here it is almost May. But we shall see.]

But, for now, here’s some of what I saw in Dallas:

It was 90 degrees when I arrived on Wednesday afternoon.


This may be my favorite hotel wallpaper of all time. Great backdrop for portraits.

Texas Apartments_04119_DSCF7226

I passed this apartment complex a few times on the way to get coffee. The green and blue in the arrows fluttered in the breeze.


Not sure who’s photography style this is but it isn’t mine. I liked watching how the shadows moved across that building.


More my style.




There were a bunch of 18 & under soccer teams at the hotel. I almost got kicked with a ball.


Lakewood Theater, Est 1938

While I was in town, I was hoping to shoot some music. So, I pinged Jeff Kazee of the Asbury Jukes and asked him where I should go.

He recommended a jazz joint called The Balcony Club. So, sight unseen, I headed there my first evening in town.

The Balcony Club_041219_DSCF7333

When I got there, though, it wasn’t jazz that night. The house band, Kenny & The Kasuals, were playing.

And they were really good, playing lots of Texas rock, much of their own, some covers (pretty neat to hear Lubbock, Texas’ Buddy Holly’s That’ll Be The Day in Texas).

Well, the music was good and I just couldn’t help myself.



It’s a small place, I didn’t want to be all up in their stage. But a very nice lighting/sound tech gal saw me shooting. We got to talking about music, and photography, and New Jersey, and Asbury Park.

She said, “Do you want to meet the band?”

Me: “I would LOVE to do portrait of them.”

As they went on break, I did a quick scout. There was this cool little auxiliary room with a couch and some lamps. That looked to be about the best spot.

I introduced myself, said how I was in from NJ, this place was recommended, how I’d love to take their portrait.

They all agreed, so I showed them where I wanted them to be, to sit. Couldn’t take up much of their break time, or move them around to much, but was happy to make the portrait.


They liked it too. I’m going to make a print and send it to them via the club.

Again, shot a lot more, but these were some that I liked. More to come (I hope).

More travel coming up. Tomorrow night I’ll be closer to Dallas, Pennsylvania, than Dallas, Texas. Maybe I can be in two Dallas’ in the same week!


Oh and….I couldn’t leave without taking advantage of that fantastic wallpaper. Yup, great for portraits.

Dallas headshot_041319_DSCF7760

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